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Bunch of memes to end the weekend. Sunday Stealing: One Thing ….. that makes you smile: Puppies. that makes you cry: Expressions of kindness. that you love to do on the weekends: Sleep in. that you do for only yourself: I’m going with swimming at the beach, even though I haven’t done much of that […]

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2014-05-06 :: me // music + writing

Sometimes this is how I listen to music: something makes me think of a song. I want to hear the song. If I know it’s in my iTunes, I’ll play it. If something else in that artist’s list looks good, I’ll play that too. More often, I scroll down the artists list and add stuff […]

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2013-12-21 :: me // friends + music
Holiday Distress

I’ve been silent lately mostly because I have so much to say and don’t think I ever have enough time to get it all down.  And that’s a self-defeating approach because the longer I wait, the more I’ve got to say, and the more time I need.  I’ve decided just to get a little down […]

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I haven’t picked out a planner yet; hoping to do that Saturday. Work has been kind of busy this week, in a way that’s hard to define. Or identify. Or even really confirm. So the pre-dawn writing and coffee experiment went surprisingly well Monday. I banged out about 770 words in forty-five minutes. It was […]

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2013-07-05 :: me // five + home + itself + music
Turn Up the Radio

Yes, I am aware that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is not a 20th-Century work. I realized I must have misunderstood the list right after posting that last entry. Too many of the canonized novels written in English weren’t on it, and they all had in common that they were pre-20th-Century. I wonder if Gatsby […]

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2013-03-13 :: me // music
Top Ten Ex-Beatles Songs

Top Ten Ex-Beatles Songs The wonderful Shannon Hurley mentioned this on Twitter this evening and I couldn’t pass it up. It’s such an interesting concept, and there’s a built-in unfairness because (1) John died way too soon and (2) Paul has always been the most prolific. How to make a credible list that doesn’t leave […]

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My favorite metal blog published a list of its Top Ten Hair-Metal Band Names about two and a half years ago, and I’ve always wanted to take a crack at that list myself. A few guidelines: It’s hair metal if I say it’s hair metal. I’m not going to go into a long definition of […]

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2012-11-24 :: me // five + home + music

Middle of Thanksgiving weekend. I spent Thursday (early) morning at the beach, then the afternoon and evening at the folks’ watching football and eating, which was mostly mellow and relaxing. Friday I was at the beach again, then worked on a few things at the new Starbucks on Nimitz in Kakaako. Came home for a […]

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2012-07-03 :: me // music

Okay, this is funny. It seems there’s this band on NoiseTrade, and it’s calling itself The 77s, even though that name has been in use for more than thirty years by one of my favorite bands in the universe. And although it is clearly not the legendary band from Sacramento, of course any band would […]

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2012-06-06 :: me // music
That List Sucks

Despite the fact that the very phrase “Christian rock” sends shivers up my spine mostly because of the mockery that usually follows it, I confess that despite its many, many negative connotations, at its heart what we are really talking about is music—with all the good and bad things that come with it—and I therefore […]

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