It's not a blog. It's a midlife crisis.

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About a year and a half ago, I went through a life-change I neither wanted nor anticipated, one which I still have not detailed in this space, ‘though I have every intention of doing so once the entire thing is resolved, which it still isn’t.  Just over a year ago, it looked like things were […]

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I have got to find some way to be more productive on weekends.  I think I slept twelve hours Friday night and Saturday day, and then another twelve Saturday night and Sunday day.  I had a ton of stuff I wanted to get done and I got very, very little of it outside of my […]

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Okay. Here it is. One of my best qualities, I believe, is that I don’t get too stressed out about little things. In the plus column, you could write things like: I stay calm in problematic situations, I don’t get worked up about things beyond my control, and I cut people a lot of slack. […]

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2013-09-29 :: me // home + work + writing
Morning Fictions, Perhaps

This is what I am thinking. I usually get to the beach, on mornings when I go (it’s four or five mornings a week), at about 5:00. It’s too dark to swim then, so I walk to a nearby Starbucks and grab a latte, then wander about until about 6. Then I jump in the […]

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2013-08-01 :: me // five + home + work
F5: Greener Pastures

The wheels are back beneath me, and there is much rejoicing. Car guy said it was just one of those old-car problems, and he liked the way the rest of what he saw looked. I’m so grateful for parents who bail me out of problems like this, and although I fully intend to pay my […]

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2013-07-14 :: me // home + reading
The Wheel Deal

*sigh* The unsettled thing that could change any day? It’s sort of back to square one, which on one hand is a bummer, but I think the board is being reset to tilt the odds more in my favor. So while I have to wait for some kind of closure on this thing, the closure […]

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2013-07-05 :: me // five + home + itself + music
Turn Up the Radio

Yes, I am aware that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is not a 20th-Century work. I realized I must have misunderstood the list right after posting that last entry. Too many of the canonized novels written in English weren’t on it, and they all had in common that they were pre-20th-Century. I wonder if Gatsby […]

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2012-11-24 :: me // five + home + music

Middle of Thanksgiving weekend. I spent Thursday (early) morning at the beach, then the afternoon and evening at the folks’ watching football and eating, which was mostly mellow and relaxing. Friday I was at the beach again, then worked on a few things at the new Starbucks on Nimitz in Kakaako. Came home for a […]

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2012-09-20 :: me // five + home
Where to Go

One of the things I hate about myself is my inability to make myself do regular, everyday household chores on a regular basis. My evening hours are often a weird combination of vegetative decompression, escapist media consumption, and enslavement to the tyranny of the urgent, an urgency created by my not doing things ahead enough […]

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2010-01-08 :: me // home + work
Rough Weekend, Part 3

Walked to the credit union. Cashed the check. Still hadn’t heard back from the mechanic, so I considered going back to the classroom to chip away at those sub plans and the tidying, but thought it would be a waste of time if he called me as soon as I got there, not to mention […]

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