Charlie X

Star Trek classic. Season 1, episode 2.

  • “Captain Kirk is one of a kind, Charlie.” (McCoy)
  • “The job is yours, Bones. Flattery will get you nowhere.” (Kirk)
  • “On Earth today, it’s Thanksgiving. The crew has to eat synthetic meatloaf; I want it to look like turkey.” (Kirk)
  • Spock says, “As you wish.”
  • It’s a lot of overacting in this one.
  • I’m beginning to hate the music. Not the cool opening theme music, but the super-melodramatic (and much too loud) symphonic music that accompanies the action. It’s a soundtrack equivalent of a laugh track. Super irritating.
  • This story was more interesting than the last, but parts of it still dragged. The dramatic pauses are beginning to drive me crazy.
  • Second episode with Yeoman Janice Rand. Not complaining.
  • I like that the ending is neither happy nor sad. It’s a morally ambiguous situation the crew of the starship finds itself in, and this is one of a few possible resolutions. Nobody in the crew seems very pleased with the outcome, but you know (and the crew knows) the alternative might have been worse.
  • No Sulu or Scotty.

I’m giving this one also a 5/10 even though it was better than the last. Strengths are a more compelling plot, a bittersweet end, more interactions between the principal characters, and Kirk showing signs of his maverick tendencies, as when he beats Spock in three-dimensional chess using a move that’s not logical. Weaknesses are dead spots in the story, horrible music, and a resolution that’s too long in coming.

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