Where No Man Has Gone Before

Star Trek Classic. Season 1, episode 3.

  1. Wow. Sally Kellerman as a visiting psychiatrist. This is the first sorta crossover between this show and my favorite show, M*A*S*H. Kellermann played Hotlips Houlihan in the Robert Altman film, off which the TV series was spun.
  2. No Uhura or McCoy. First episode with Scotty.
  3. Yeoman Rand isn’t in this one; apparently she replaced Yeoman Smith, who appears here in what chronologically is the first episode.
  4. “You should have killed me while you could, James. Command and compassion is a foolish mixture.”

Not a bad story. I like Sally Kellerman. Not enough informal interaction between the main characters for my taste. Again, the pacing is maddening. There are just far too many weird dramatic pauses. But still the best episode so far. 6/10.

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