The Naked Time

Star Trek Classic. Season 1, episode 4.

  1. Funny line: Spock gives Sulu the Vulcan nerve pinch. Kirk says, “I’d like you to teach me that some time.”
  2. Spock: “We can’t afford a safety factor.”
  3. Question: Is this the first incidence of a shirtless Asian man on prime time TV?
  4. Nurse Chapel: “I’m in love with you, Mr. Spock.”
  5. Leonard Nimoy actually does some decent acting among the rest of the cast’s overacting, and that overacting is pretty noticeable in this episode.
  6. Scotty to Kirk: “I can’t change the laws of physics!”
  7. Cool. They go back in time for the first time.
  8. Kirk: “Steady as she goes.”

Okay, this is the best episode so far, and you can sorta see why George Takei says it’s his favorite episode ever. It’s pretty silly, but it’s also pretty interesting, with all the loosening of inhibitions. A strong 6/10.

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