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Middle of Thanksgiving weekend. I spent Thursday (early) morning at the beach, then the afternoon and evening at the folks’ watching football and eating, which was mostly mellow and relaxing. Friday I was at the beach again, then worked on a few things at the new Starbucks on Nimitz in Kakaako. Came home for a nap, then went to dinner with Penny and Grace at Reid’s. The conversation was mostly good, but one does get tired of debating every point of every conversation sometimes.

I did something stupid with my car last week, which has made me less interested in driving it (perhaps more about that later), so this morning I just slept in and goofed around. A lot of my downtime has been spent lately with focused, dedicated house-cleaning, but today all I wanted to do was veg.

I have my iTunes 2012 playlist going in shuffle mode, and am reminded of how good a year it’s been for new music. Songs come up, and I’m like, “This is the best album of the year!” Then “No. THIS is the best album of the year.” So far the only 2012 album I’m ruling out for album of the year is Liv Kristine’s solo album, Libertine. Despite my fondness for her (and her band, Leaves’ Eyes), it’s just not that interesting an album, and her singing sounds off in too many places.

Still, albums by the Wallflowers, Asia, the Raveonettes, Minus the Bear, Abalone Dots, the Choir, and several other artists I really like have made it an interesting eleven months so far.

Friday 5:

  1. What’s your favorite black article of clothing?
    I wear black every day. It’s my favorite color. I have this black trench coat I got for fifteen bucks in a thrift store; it looks really cool and I’ve been offered fifty bucks for it by strangers. Haven’t worn it for a while because it needs dry-cleaning. I also have a pair of plain black board shorts that I’m fond of.
  2. What’s the best black food?
    I guess balsamic vinegar’s not a food, so I’m going with a tie between nori (in multiple forms) and blackberries.
  3. How did you pass the time during your most recent extended blackout (power outage)?
    Mostly sleeping. I got kind of (uncharacteristically) stir-crazy for a while and drove around my neighborhood, which you’re not supposed to do. I tried to keep close to home so I wouldn’t be one of those unnecessary contributors to traffic. Twitter was a constant companion, as it has always been for the past six years in times of island-wide crisis.
  4. When did you last play blackjack?
    A few years ago at George’s, I think. We were there for a poker night but we played some blackjack too. I’m not a big fan of that card game.
  5. What are some songs in your iTunes (or other media player) whose titles contain the word black?
    I have thirty-two songs whose titles contain the word “black” in my iTunes on this computer. Here are my fifteen favorite:
    “Back In Black,” AC/DC
    “Black And White,” Cherryholmes
    “Black Cloud,” The Choir
    “Black Cow,” Steely Dan (I only recently learned what a Black Cow is)
    “Black Flag” (Live), King’s X
    “Black Sails at Midnight,” Alestorm
    “Black Saturday,” Soundgarden
    “Black Tongue,” Mastodon
    “The Blackest Crow,” Bearfoot
    “The Blackest Crow,” Brittany Haas
    “Blackout,” Scorpions
    “Islands In A Black Sky,” Bruce Cockburn
    “Little Black Backpack,” Stroke 9
    “Man In Black,” One Bad Pig
    “That Old Black Hole,” Dr. Dog

    The Soundgarden, Choir, and Dr. Dog songs are from 2012. 🙂


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