Mudd’s Women

Star Trek Classic. Season 1, episode 6.

  1. Cool. The opening scene has all the principals at once.
  2. Spock: “I’m happy the affair is over. A most annoying, emotional episode.”

That’s about it as far as memorable moments, but this is the best episode yet, I think. It is unnecessarily heavy-handed, but I think that’s the norm for this program. There’s some nice banter between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy at the very end, the kind of thing I wish there were more of in every episode. Star Trek seems to have taken longer than M*A*S*H (not to mention lots of other enduring series) to understand that it’s the show’s characters and their relationships with one another that makes for memorable, lasting television. I know I should cut it a little bit of slack; this is only the sixth episode, after all, so perhaps I will. Still, I find most of Classic to be kind of a drag to get through.

I’m giving it a low 7/10.

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