What are Little Girls Made of?

Star Trek Classic, Season 1, Episode 7.

I’m not sure, but there seems to be a recurring theme in this original series of what makes someone human, and whether or not the things that make us imperfect (love, emotion, bias, that kind of thing) are actually the things that make humans superior to a non-feeling android race.

This episode’s ridiculously pretty guest actress is Sherry Jackson, an actress of some renown before she appeared here. She plays an android programmed to serve and protect Dr. Korby. Kirk makes out with her, of course.

No quotable lines in this episode, but at least one screen-cap-worthy moment:

kirk and stactite

Although this was a fairly entertaining episode, the noticeable absence of any real interaction between Kirk and the other regular cast leaves this one feeling shallow and unsatisfying. I’ll say it again: this show is at its best when its primary characters interact with one another, when conversations and situations develop their characters and their relationships. No way does Star Trek endure beyond a couple of seasons if not for the development of interesting, likable characters and relationships we care about.

I give this one a C.

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  1. 1. The recurring theme of what makes someone human has recurred time and time again in many Star Trek episodes and into future series… most notably Spock vs. a variety of human characters including Kirk, McCoy and in the Next Generation series, Lt. Commander Data, an android constantly trying to become more human than human.

    2. Interaction between Kirk, Spock and Dr. McCoy happen more often in the movies than the original series.

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