Dagger of the Mind

Star Trek Classic, Season 1, Episode 9.

  • Third use of the Vulcan nerve pinch.
  • The interplay between McCoy and Kirk is excellent in early scenes. It’s professional conflict but not personal, and you can tell it by the expressions in the actors’ faces. Nicely done.
  • This episode’s ridiculously pretty guest actress is Marianna Hill as Dr. Helen Noel. Of course, Kirk makes out with her in a pseudo-dream sequence. And briefly later, with Spock looking on rather bemusedly.
    dagger of the minddagger of the mind 2
  • First time Spock has ever used the Vulcan mind meld on a human. And first time used in this series.
  • McCoy: “He’s dead, Captain.”

Shatner does some horrible overacting, but he has some good moments too, especially on the bridge with McCoy and Spock. Kind of an interesting story, and I like the tension between McCoy and Kirk. Bonus points for the Vulcan mind meld.

This one gets a B.

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