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Getcha Popcorn Ready

There’s been a little bit of a change in my employment arrangement, but I’ll get to that another time. Yes, I know I always say that, but this time for sure.

I frequently have breakfast Saturday mornings with Anto, and last weekend he asked me a bunch of questions about my writing, and how much of it shows up online, and how much of it is personal writing (as opposed to writing I do for pay, or I suppose the film and book reviews I write mostly to keep my skills up, or my creative writing). My writing in this space has become sporadic in the past year or so, not because I have less to say or even less desire to write. It just seems that I only have a certain amount of writing in me per day, and with the writing I do for work now, there’s not a lot left for the reflective writing this space is generally reserved for. It’s been an unfortunate casualty of increased writing for pay and the increased fervor with which I’ve attacked my fiction.

Which is too bad, and is perhaps something I should do something about. I suspect that if I were more disciplined with my writing time, I would have more left for this space, something that annoys me, because although I’ve become a much more disciplined writer (a deadline and a paycheck will do that to you), I still wait until too close to deadline far, far too often. I do not believe in writer’s block, but I do believe in writer’s malaise, which I think is a quote. Writing is work. Writing well is excruciating work, at times, and I’m lazy. And agony-averse.

I saw the film adaptation of John Green’s Paper Towns, and what Anto says is true: if you’re seeing a movie adapted from a book you know well, you have to see it twice to decide whether or not you like it, because the first time all you notice is what’s different. This hasn’t been true for me of the Harry Potter movies, because after the first two movies, which I saw multiple times before the third film was released, the film series and the series of novels have become two separate things. But it’s proven true of almost everything else. I don’t love Paper Town, so I kind of thought maybe it wouldn’t apply this time, but there were a lot of differences, and I couldn’t even decide if the differences were good or bad. So I’ll see it again and review it later.

I’ve seen a lot fewer movies this past couple of years, mostly because of work but also because of a bad car situation, and of the ones I’ve seen this past year, I have only written a few reviews because I’ve gotten into the habit of falling asleep in every film. That’s always been a bit of an issue for me, but I’ve either slept through little enough that I could still write a credible review, or I’ve seen movies twice and fallen asleep in different parts of the second viewing, and written the reviews after the second viewings. But I haven’t been able to get to theaters often enough to see movies twice, and I’ve been sleeping through alarmingly enormous stretches of the films, sometimes missing as much as half the movies. Crazy!

Then one day when I was at work and running on very, very little sleep, I noticed that the only time of day I wasn’t fighting off sleep was my lunch hour, during which I was alive and alert. So when I saw a film later that day (yes, that same day of very, very little sleep), I bought a bag of popcorn and a huge drink (I always buy the huge drink) and spent most of the film eating. Success! I don’t really care for movie popcorn, but I had to do something, and that seems to be the best option for extended munching.

I’ve put on weight this year. A lot of weight. So I’m a little concerned about this movie popcorn thing, for obvious reasons. I’ll figure something out.

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