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The Spirit is Willing

I saw Mistress America Wednesday afternoon and stayed awake the whole time despite choosing not to munch on anything. I’ve gotten plenty of sleep lately and didn’t think I’d have trouble with falling asleep. That turned out not to be the case: there were a few moments during the trailers where I felt myself drifting off, but once the film got rolling, it was pretty smooth sailing. Small victories. And a review of the film later.

Still working my way through my digital music collection, re-adding the songs that have been lost from my index but remain in my music folder. There used to be a keyboard shortcut in iTunes for importing the contents of a whole folder (or multiple selected folders), but in one of the updates a few years ago, they got rid of that shortcut. You can still do it, but you have to go to the file menu. It’s annoying. Also annoying is the horrifying lack of ID4 data in far, far too many of these files. I’m still kind of enjoying the task, however slow-going it is (I’m only on the Bs). I just wish there were better standards with music you purchase digitally.

Latest musical joy: the new Impellitteri album, Venom, is pretty dang good. Not very challenging, but pleasant to listen to with some of Chris Impellitteri’s mind-blowing speed on guitar. I’m turning into a fan. Also revisiting some of 2014’s discoveries, including Fallujah’s The Flesh Prevails (bliss!), The Contortionist’s Language (ecstacy!), Animals as Leaders’s The Joy of Motion (brain candy!), and of course Mastodon’s Once More ‘Round the Sun (perfection!). I also picked up the new Iron Maiden double album, The Book of Souls (their best since the Eighties!). I’ve also been listening to a Spotify playlist I made of Testament’s most-played songs on their current tour, since they’ll be here in October and I will be in the audience.

The NFL season starts Thursday with the Patriots playing the Steelers. I’m about as close to giddy about the upcoming season as I’ve been in quite a while. I’m looking for mass quantities of free mass media for my entertainment in the next few months, and football is one of the best. I’ll post my predictions for the season sometime before kickoff.

It’s 3:00 in the morning, and I expect to be pretty tired Thursday. I’m getting up early to put the last edits on my article for the day (on companies with “no firing” and “no layoffs” policies), then running a couple of errands in time to be back for the game. I may fall asleep during the game, but I’ve already set the TiVo in case that happens.

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