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In with the New

I rang in the new year quietly and by myself, pretty much exactly the way I wanted it. In fact, I went to bed early and dragged myself out at about a quarter to midnight, so I could be there when the year changed. That means something to me, for some reason, and I hate to miss a thing like that. Then I called my parents at about half past midnight, as is my tradition.

A couple of weeks before the new year, I started going on long walks, to see if I could sustain some kind of schedule or weekly step-count goal. Ten thousand steps per day isn’t really that difficult a goal, but when you get busy with work and stuff, you often have to make time to get out and walk somewhere, and it’s easier just to have a taco or watch The Brady Bunch or something.

I’ve managed to do it. I did 72,000 steps the week straddling the old and new years, and then 79,000 for the first full week of the new year. I think 75K is a reasonable goal, but I honestly don’t know how sustainable that is. One night, I went out with Penny for dinner and ice cream, and I wouldn’t have come anywhere near a decent step-count for the day if I hadn’t walked home from Ala Moana, where the ice cream place is. It’s a little over four miles, which lately is beginning to feel like not that long a walk.

I decided on a weekly goal because it allows for missed days, or days of incredible lethargy. So I guess this might be sustainable as long as I don’t schedule too many things with others in any given week. Which is pretty much fine by me.

I turned forty-seven (holy freaking moly) last week, and spent it mostly lying in bed. That’s not really what I had in mind, but I was feeling really run-down all week, and didn’t get myself finally up and about until after four in the afternoon. I know: crazy. I returned a few text messages offering many happy returns, and then took myself to the movies. Although I was hoping to catch Joy, the show times worked out better for Sisters, especially since I wanted to leave enough time for The Hateful Eight, which had a 10:45 screening. Reviews forthcoming.

And then I walked home, stopping at Zippy’s for a late night (as in three in the morning) dinner I didn’t really want.

I’m really behind on a few things I get paid to do, which worries me a little, so I blocked off most of today and this evening to get on it. I still have to do a little bit of work on some personal things (such as this entry), too. I really, really, really need to use my time better. I’m already a person who has great difficulty managing my time without the regular dictation of a school bell. Combine that with my vampire-like tendencies and I can really lazy myself behind the eightball on work.

Resolutions next time. I’ve already figured them out, but I’ll articulate them some time before I break them.

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