If Love Was so Transcendent

Rush’s Counterparts album (1993) is one of their underappreciated efforts.  Spent a bit of time this evening reminding myself of how good (and how, uh, less good) the songs are.  So for your enlightenment and for my future reference, here are the eleven songs on the album, ranked from worst to best.

11. Nobody’s Hero
10. Double Agent
9. Everyday Glory
8. Alien Shore
7. Speed of Love
6. Cut to the Chase
5. Stick it Out
4. Between Sun and Moon
3. Animate
2. Leave that Thing Alone
1. Cold Fire

The phosphorescent wave on a tropical sea
Is a cold fire
The pattern of moonlight on the bedroom floor
Is a cold fire
The flame at the heart of a pawnbroker’s diamond
Is a cold fire
The look in your eyes as you head for the door
Is a cold fire

Man, I love this band.

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