Night is Calling, and I am Falling

img_7839I went back through Chinatown Wednesday night to get a photo of the dance studio. Something about it felt like something I needed to document in a visual way.  The three windows on the second floor are apparently the studio.  There were two women, each silhouetted in a window, one seeming to be on the phone and the other looking like she might be smoking, but there was a very large SUV parked in front of that pile of trash, and its passengers were getting into it, so I had to wait for them to get out of my way to get a shot.  By then, the silhouettes were gone.  Annoying.

Stores in Chinatown put their trash out at the curb every evening, and early each morning, a city crew comes along and picks it all up.  I’ve been down there many times when the garbage crew is making its rounds.  By the time they get there, the trash has been sitting out all night, and people have picked through it and spread it out on the sidewalk and stuff.  I love Chinatown, but aesthetically, it leaves a lot to be desired between nine in the evening and five in the morning.

You can see what I mean about the sign in the upstairs window and the awning.  I either forgot or never noticed that there’s also a sign in the window downstairs (I have made the image clickable if you’d care to see it larger), so if my short-term friend the other night had somehow found her way down there, she might have been able to work things out for herself.

img_7841A block and a half down, I was reminded that Thanksgiving was the next day.  Lee’s Bakery is kind of famous for being open late the night before, so people can get pies for their potlucks and family gatherings.  The bakery is right at the bus stop where I usually got off when I was still working with the engineers, and I would often grab lunch there, usually a couple of manapuas (char siu baos), which they make really well there.  It’s an inexpensive, convenient, filling, delicious lunch.  Lee’s does several things well, but I never thought the pies were worth standing in line for.  Forty of my fellow residents disagree, however.  It was 9:20 when I went by, and that’s how many people were in line.  The photo-ruiners in the SUV must also disagree, because they were carrying the telltale boxes tied with string as they got into their vehicle.

It was a nice walk.  I went about seven and a half miles total that night, and definitely felt it when I got home.

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