Friday 5: Questions to Make Your Hands Clammy

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  1. Who’s been a ray of sunshine lately?
    The writing partner most recently.  She’s in the middle of some big stuff that’s taking away from her goals as a novelist, but she’s adjusting, and we’re going to approach the partnership differently for the coming year.  We had an encouraging talk yesterday and I think we left feeling as committed to our partnership, even with these different needs, as ever.
  2. When do you next expect to be stuffed to the gills?
    I haven’t had a regular paycheck in over a year and a quarter, so as soon as I get paid from the new gig, I’m going to take myself somewhere naughty for dinner and eat one of everything.  No idea where yet, so stay tuned.  I’m sure I’ll document the gluttonous adventure when it goes down in about ten days.
  3. Among people you know, who can really tell a whale of a tale?
    I’ve got this friend, the pastor of a local church and a director (or something) of the campus ministry we were in together when we were in school.  He’s maybe the most charismatic person I know, and he tells a great story.  I confess that more than once when I was in college, I found myself on the verge of doing something dangerous, mischievous, or dangerously mischievous (such as stealing my pastor’s wife’s BMW when the friend who was house-sitting for her wasn’t around and I was left alone in her house with the keys to her car), and as I hestitated, I thought about how it would be a story to put me in this friend’s storytelling league.  I was never courageous or rambunctious; I was just envious of another person’s stories.
  4. What’s something you’ve been herring good things about?
    I’ve been herring good and bad things about Manchester By the Sea.  Since a lot of the good has come from Ann Hornaday, and since I (generally) roll with Ann, I’m going to give it a try, hopefully soon.
  5. Which of the S.S. Minnow‘s passengers or crew do you think you’d get along best with?
    How is anyone going to answer this with anyone other than Mary Ann?  We’d get along so well we might populate the island.

I’ve been a bit quiet in this space lately.  The new gig is throwing my routines off, but I’ll get it down soon.

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