A Boring Rundown of My Schedule

It’s been a rough adjustment.

The work is fine.  The people are great.  Super welcoming.

But the commute has been brutal, not because it’s especially long, but because I do have motion sickness issues, and for the distance I have to go, it just takes too long.  It’s not an efficient use of my time, so I may have to take that friend up on her offer and accept her old car.

There’s no “may have to” about it, actually.  Especially not if I want to do the other things I want to do.  Bus riding kind of sucks, but I don’t mind it sometimes — especially since I see it as kind of a penance for smashing my last car, in an accident that could have killed someone if circumstances had been slightly different — yet when you have more than one thing going on in your life, the time situation just doesn’t work.  Not with my situation, anyway.

I know I haven’t really talked about the job itself yet when I did promise details.  Tomorrow.

They give me a choice of three schedules: 7:30 to 4:30, 8:00 to 5:00, and 8:30 to 5:30.  I asked for the first week to try different routes to the office to see what works best, but I kind of knew I would ask for the last schedule, since if I need leeway anywhere, it’s really at the start of the day, not having anywhere to be at any specific time in the evenings and all.

But this is a mistake, and I’m going to ask next week to switch to the earlier schedule.  Because the best use of my time is to get up at 5, leave the house at 5:40, and get to campus between 6:30 and 7:00 depending on the buses.  The express I take comes from rather far away, on the freeway, so if traffic is gnarly on the freeway, I get to campus closer to 7.  If things are smooth, I get there just past 6:30, which is a ridiculous swing.

So right now, I’m packing breakfast and lunch every day, having breakfast at my desk and settling in before I’m officially on the clock.  Then I leave the office in time to catch the express bus back into town at five minutes to six.  This gets me back in Kalihi at 6:30 where I walk around for a bit before I take the other bus home, getting back to the crib just after 7.

Then before I get all lazy and stuff, I make dinner and the next day’s lunch, pick out my clothes, and make sure my bag is ready to go.  I say this as if it’s been a routine when tonight is really the first night I’ve successfully done all that stuff with a little bit of time to hang out before turning in at around 10.

The truth is I’ve been horribly, depressingly sleep-deprived.  Because I’m still figuring out these darn clocks.

But now it is 9:30, and I’ve done everything I need to do except wash the dishes and brush my teeth, which I will do right now.

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