Friday 5: MVP

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  1. What’s the most important single ingredient in trail mix?
    I really appreciate the raisins and M&Ms, but I am always disappointed if my trail mix doesn’t have cashews. Their absence makes a trail mix completely uninteresting to me.
  2. What’s the most important single topping in a taco?
    Although cheese is my favorite, it’s the cold, fresh, ripe tomatoes that make a taco sing to me. Give me extra tomatoes and make them extra juicy, and even overripe if you have them that way.
  3. What’s the coolest instrument in an orchestra?
    One of the reasons the violin and cello get all the love is that they’re super sensual. They’re played with a musician’s whole body, and since musical talent is already super sexy, when someone really talented and female plays either instrument, it’s among the hottest things on the planet. I hate to be boring, but I have to say violin.
  4. What’s your favorite animal at the zoo?
    Usually the polar bears, if the zoo has polar bears. I don’t think ours does. So, I know this is a little weird, but I’m drawn to the bird cages. I really enjoy looking at all the plumages and beaks and stuff. I think the Honolulu Zoo has an admirable and fascinating collection of birds.  I saw my first Major Mitchell’s cockatoo there.
  5. Which are the best pieces in a sampler box of chocolates?
    Milk chocolate pieces with thin, crunchy things in them, like thin layers of toffee, or peanut brittle.  I like the nougat pieces too.  The worst are the fruit-filled ones.  And while I do enjoy the taste of caramel, I don’t enjoy all the chewing one must do.

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