Friday 5: Scattergories 7

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What random letter was generated by the online random-letter generator (this doesn’t really count as one of your five questions)?


  1. What’s something gross whose name begins with the letter?
    Vomit. I haven’t vomited recently, but I gagged almost to the point of vomiting on Tuesday, when we had a blind coffee-tasting in the office to see if we wanted to change our coffee service. It was a change I had been pushing almost since they day I got here. Our coffee service delivers Lion Coffee, which I hate almost as much as Yuban.
    So we had this blind tasting. I tried the first cup (labeled “black” for the thermos it was served from) and it wasn’t great, but it was drinkable. It had a kind of ashy front end, like cigarette butts, with faint, fruity tastes I couldn’t identify. I hate fruity coffee, but this was only barely fruity. The overall flavor was kind of thin and weak, which highlighted the lingering, ashy taste. Then I tried the second cup (“white”) and as soon as I got it in my mouth, I gagged. I ran to the door thinking I might have to spit it out, but I got it down, coughed a few times, wiped the tears from my eyes, and said, “Not that one.” I cast my vote for black. Then I have to admit I was deeply worried that, since I’ve sorta lost my taste for coffee in the years since I went to college on Hawaii Island, where there’s great coffee all over the place, I really couldn’t tell the difference as well as I thought I could and had voted strongly in favor of the coffee I had been complaining about. That was a very good possibility. But in a couple of hours it was announced that we would be switching coffee services. Black had won by a vote of 22 to 7. Whew.
  2. What’s something crunchy whose name begins with the letter?
    Veggies. I’ve been having broccoli with breakfast and lunch nearly every day this week. It’s one of my favorite foods, although I admit most of the time I blanch it until it’s still firm but not exactly crunchy.
  3. What’s something (or who is someone) you wouldn’t mind hugging whose name begins with the letter?
    My classmate Vicky. We’ve been sort-of friends since seventh grade and real friends since the end of high school. For a while when we were both attending UH Manoa, I drove her home when we were done with classes and our campus jobs. We’d both gone to church at Nuuanu B.C. through intermediate and high school, but the college group was kind of lame, so I switched to FSBC Pearl City, and after a few months there, I brought Vicky along too, where she was immediately better liked than I was. If you knew her (or if you knew me, really) you’d understand. She’s super likeable.
  4. What’s something whose name begins with the letter and can be found on a passenger airplane?
    I’m tempted to say vomit again, but that’s boring, so let’s go with vents. I’m one of those people who almost always needs to feel air moving past me in order to feel comfortable, so I like to have my air vent on all the time, as open as I can get it. It cuts down on the feeling of being stuck in a confined space with people I don’t know, but it’s also really gross. I hate that air.
  5. What’s something (whose name begins with the letter) you could purchase at a hardware store?
    Velcro. I’m a big fan of those little dots of adhesive Velcro, which I most recently used to anchor my bread machine in place on the small shelf in my kitchen where I keep it. Those machines do a lot of vibrating, and sometimes the machine walks itself right off that shelf, which is alarming and (on one occasion) a waste of good bread ingredeints because the still-being-kneaded ball of dough oozed out of the on-its-side bread machine before I could rescue it, blobbing out onto the kitchen floor. Four heavy-duty adhesive Velcro dots and everything is fine now. So far.

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  1. And I, on the other hand, HATE to have air blowing directly on me so if we’re ever next to each other on a plane, I’ll try to point my vent toward you too!

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