Friday 5: Consumption

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  1. What is your paper towel consumption like?
    I try to be pretty conservative with them, but I always have used a lot. However, I get those half-sheet-perforated rolls from Costco, which means I pay less for them and use less when I can. For some things, I’ll even tear a half-sheet in half. And on the occasion when I use a paper towel to dry a bowl or mug or something, I dry the paper towel and use it later for the same purpose once or twice more. I do use them for a few things I suspect many people don’t. I use them when I prep food in place of a cutting board most of the time, and I put a few beneath my rice cooker when I’m making rice or quinoa, since I have one of those cookers that doesn’t have a lockdown lid. And it’s a small little rice cooker, so it gets a bit splashy.
  2. What condiment do you use most often?
    Undoubtedly soy sauce, what most people around here call shoyu. Like most of my Hawaii compatriots, I put it on (and in) most savory dishes, although I’m making a few lifestyle changes and decreasing my sodium intake may have to be part of that. It’s really the one change I don’t want to make, though. so I’d like to see how things go.
  3. What is your sticky note consumption like?
    I’m well stocked but I only use maybe one every other day under normal circumstances. In the middle of big projects I’ll use more. I ran out of my favorite, most productive Post-its a few weeks ago: 2-inch by 3-inch melon-colored stickies. They served me really well. So far I’ve only seen them as part of a three-color pack on Amazon. Not the way I’d like to purchase them.
  4. What’s your coin jar setup?
    My coin jars used to be my rainy day fund, but now they’re my end-of-pay-period feed-myself strategy. I’ve never liked carrying change, especially as a bus-riding commuter and pedestrian, so I have a jar at home (actually a plastic, quart-sized Baskin-Robbins container) and one on my desk at work (actually a paper coffee cup until I find something I like better) and I empty my pockets into them upon arriving at either place. I’ve had to drain them both in the week before payday each of my last three pay periods. It’s been a rough month and a half.
  5. What’s something you’ve purchased recently that was lower in price than usual?
    I recently stepped into a Jack in the Box to get a chocolate shake while I waited for a bus. The cashier recognized me from years of my patronage at a JitB near the school where I used to teach and she gave me a 10% discount. That wasn’t much of a savings but it was a really nice gesture. She didn’t even tell me she gave me the discount but I noticed the price I paid was lower than the price on the menu, and then she explained what she’d done.

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