Friday 5: What Ails Ya

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  1. How do you treat a bad case of the Mondays?
    Try to keep it as positive as possible. The surest way to be unhappy is to think about your own problems, and Monday is a big problem sometimes. I don’t mean to paint myself as a Mary Poppins or whatever (I’ve never seen Mary Poppins so I don’t know if that’s a good reference), but at work, when I’m the most miserable, I look around for some way to make other people’s day better. It works, I tellya.
  2. How do you fight off a case of the blahs?
    This one’s a lot more difficult, because the blahs tend to draw me inward, away from others, and that’s often a good way to feel even more blah, or to get involved in self-indulgent behavior that I later regret. I’m lookin’ at you, twenty Chicken McNuggets for only five bucks. So I don’t really have one go-to solution here. Sometimes crossword puzzles work. Sometimes reading, but usually only if I take my reading to a cafe, or somewhere where I’m surrounded by strangers. There are a few lovely ladies I can text who will engage me in SMS conversation, and that often helps, but if nobody gets right back to me, it can get blaher.
  3. How do you deal with a bad hair day?
    I typically wear my long hair tied back in a ponytail. I know. It’s ridiculous. I know how ridiculous it looks. I need to keep it professional, and that’s the best I can do without cutting it, so there I am. A bad hair day usually means it doesn’t like to stay tied back, or it looks frizzy or fluffy instead of nicely tied back. My treatment is usually to just get it a little wet so it stays where I need it, then keep doing that every couple of hours.
  4. What’s your strategy for FOMO?
    My best move is to picture myself some time down the road, say a week or so. Looking back to this upcoming moment, will I really regret not being there? It usually works. My favorite musician of all time, Bruce Cockburn, finally released a box set this week, forty-seven years after his first album, to mark his twenty-fifth studio album, also released this week. The box set with the new album is about $95 and I just can’t spend it. Well, I can spend it, but I’m sure I’ll be miserable for a long time if I do. My finger was on the mouse button for a loooooong time, but then I imagined myself a month later, without the box set (of which there are only 130 or so made), I realized I’d be okay. So I didn’t click. It’s okay. It’ll be okay.
  5. How prone are you to Instagram envy?
    I don’t do envy very well. It’s difficult for me to work up any real envy. If it’s cool food photos, I just file the info away for later, when I might have an opportunity to go to the new places. If it’s some event, I think about how many people must be there and it makes me shudder. Seldom does envy really enter the picture for me.

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