Friday 5: Nonstrosity

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  1. What’s a good movie for October that has nothing to do with monsters or Halloween?
    The one thing October is good for is baseball’s post-season. When someone says “October,” the first thing I think is, “Yuck!” but the second thing I think is, “Ooh, the World Series.” So I’m going with The Natural and Major League.
  2. What’s a good couple of songs for October that have nothing to do with monsters or Halloween?
    Let’s go with Tonio K’s “Another Day in Limbo” and Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb,” two songs for the interminable month with no holidays!
  3. What are some reasons to love October?
    October is my least favorite month, but in the spirit of participation, I’ll name a few, besides the World Series. Pumpkin spice lattes. Pumpkin pie. Pumpkin bread. Anything pumpkin. Darker mornings, which I especially like on mornings when I walk to the office. And on behalf of my former colleagues teaching in certain schools, two weeks of fall break.
  4. Radio stations sometimes call this month Rocktober, doing special playlists or giveaways in celebration of rock music. What would be a better rhyming name for this month, and how might it be celebrated?
    I’m going with Mocktober, a month to celebrate satire. TV stations can air classic episodes of The Daily Show and Weekend Update, and the late-night talk shows (the ones who practice satire, anyway) get to move into prime time. Satire in all its forms and genres can take center stage in theaters, libraries, bookstores, and other platforms.
  5. What would be a good holiday to establish in October for those U.S. states not commemorating Columbus Day?
    Well I’ll tell you what. Since Hawaii is one of those states, and since we have more state holidays, apparently, than every other state in the union, it’s rough on us not to have a holiday between Labor Day and Veterans Day. At its worst, that’s ten weeks without a holiday, which is crazy in this state. Don’t laugh: we have the longest life-expectancy in the country, and I believe quite firmly that holidays are part of it. In a year when Labor Day falls on September 1, it’s seventy days between holidays, so let’s put a new one at the midpoint: October 6. Among notable people born on October 6 are Kevin Cronin (lead singer of REO Speedwagon), Elisabeth Shue (The Karate Kid and Leaving Las Vegas), Rebecca Lobo (basketball player), and Richard Seymour (Oakland Raider). What the heck: who doesn’t love “Roll with the Changes?” Let’s declare October 6 Kevin Cronin Day. Hey, that’s today! Too late to take a day off this year, but next year I’m doing it.


  1. Well, we’re on the same thought train for #4 for sure!! 🙂

    As for no holidays, can you just give yourself one free day , say October 11, and call it My Mental Health Is Important Day?

  2. A better date for a new holiday would be October 5.

    More people are born on October 5 than any other day. It’s a fact. And if you’re wondering, nothing to do with New Years Eve or Saint Valentine’s Day. I just celebrated my birthday. I was born on October 5.

    You may kiss me now.

    1. Well happy birthday! So you wouldn’t mind sharing your special day with a holiday? Or would you consider yourself the honoree of everyone’s day off from work?


  3. I saw Kevin Cronin in concert at the Waukesha County Fair.

    As long as I do not have to share my special day with him, I am pretty down with that.

    Enjoy your pumpkin spice brakes!

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