Friday 5: Functions

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  1. What are you holding your breath in anticipation of?
    I had several answers to this question a week ago, but I’m drawing a blank now. How about payday? I’m not broke yet and it’s only three days since my last payday, but I’m still already looking forward to the next one. This new job situation is difficult in that department.
  2. What most recently gave you goosebumps?
    This is going to sound terrible, but I recently wrote something about some people who got together to create a scholarship for a friend who died recently. I sent it out for approval by invested parties, and when I read it again a week or so later, I admit I got some goosebumps over the shared affection and good intentions. Yeah, I got goosebumps from my own writing. What a jerk!
  3. What’s giving you that pain in the neck?
    I’ve actually had a literal pain in the neck since Monday, when I fell asleep in a weird position and woke up with stiffness. So there’s that. My figurative pain in the neck is from some plumbing problems we’re having in my rented house. Don’t make me think about it; it’s going to stress me out.
  4. What’s making your heart ache?
    You know, I’m not sure. But I’ve been feeling something in there lately. A weird emptiness I can’t figure out. It’s not exactly a yearning but a puzzlement. My heart is confused by something but I don’t know what it is. I’ve been thinking a lot about turning 49 (holy crap) in January. Maybe it’s that. My heart is aching over lost youth.
  5. What are you yawning at?
    The University of Hawaii at Manoa’s football team has been super yawn-inducing this season. At least in recent years it’s been bad but interesting.
    This year it’s bad and boring. I’ve also been yawning over food choices on campus lately. Today I was super hungry at lunch on one of those semi-rare days when I plan to buy lunch at work. I couldn’t think of a single thing available (and choices are considerable) I wanted to eat. I managed to find something appealing (Indian food always does the trick) and enjoyed it very much, but it bums me out that I wasn’t looking forward to anything.


  1. 1. What are you holding your breath in anticipation of?
    Birth of a baby. The first of the new generation.

    2. What most recently gave you goosebumps?
    I don’t believe in ghosts. At least I don’t think I do. I was on the computer writing about a night while I watched the late news on the television in the darkened living room. In my peripheral vision, I saw my mother in a dress descend the staircase. Puzzled, I went into the kitchen. No one there. Why was my mother wearing a dress? Then I heard the sound of water in the upstairs bathroom as my mother prepared for bed.
    It turns out it was my grandparent’s wedding anniversary. Could it have been the flickering off an old TV set? Had I seen an apparition? While writing that I’d bought the house from my grandparents’ estate, Myrtle the Cat had silently crept up and pressed her cold, wet nose onto my shin. Screams and goosebumps!

    3. What’s giving you that pain in the neck?
    I wanted to have a new concrete driveway and garage built before the snows of winter but it turns out my neighbor’s fence was on my property and I needed that precious space. The house and original driveway settled strangely. I need another step on the back stoop to get into the kitchen. So. With all the legal maneuvering, I ran out of time for pouring cement. It will be next spring, which does not help because in one area the concrete reverted back to stones and aggregates; if I was to run the snowblower over that section I’d be throwing dangerous projectiles.
    I was willing to absorb the costs of moving the fence but my neighbor and his real estate agent became such creeps that I stuck up for my rights.
    And overhead electrical and telephone wires must be routed underground, etc, etc. It’s a mess. The only thing keeping me going is the dim hope that when everything is completed, I will have a pretty home.

    4. What’s making your heart ache?
    Football. Aaron Rodgers out for season with broken collarbone as Green Bay Packer quarterback. British Columbia Lions having less than stellar seasons. Team Japan lost to USA.
    On the bright side, Wisconsin Badgers are 10 – 0, first in Big 10. And All Mitsubishi Lions earned a wildcard playoff berth.

    5. What are you yawning at?
    Autumn was not colorful this year. The roadster is in the warehouse until spring.
    Part of this is my fault. I did not plan very well. I did not plan at all. This driveway and garage thing really threw me for a loop. Didn’t get to American Players Theatre in Spring Green for Shakespeare (and one of the plays was 「Pericles, Prince of Tyre 」). Didn’t make it to the winery to taste the new dry rosé. I heard Ripley’s Believe It Or Not has new shrunken heads – always a crowd pleaser. Didn’t get to the circus museum or go to my favorite supper club (a special type of restaurant). And I did not go to Summerfest (world’s largest music festival) or any of the ethnic festivals: Asia Fest, Germanfest, Irishfest, Festa Italiano, Polishfest …. Didn’t take my mother to Zoo a la Carte. About fifty local restaurants set up tents and booths and serve highlights from their menus at the zoo. First time I’ve ever missed it.

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