Night is Calling, and I am Falling

img_7839I went back through Chinatown Wednesday night to get a photo of the dance studio. Something about it felt like something I needed to document in a visual way.  The three windows on the second floor are apparently the studio.  There were two women, each silhouetted in a window, one seeming to be on the phone and the other looking like she might be smoking, but there was a very large SUV parked in front of that pile of trash, and its passengers were getting into it, so I had to wait for them to get out of my way to get a shot.  By then, the silhouettes were gone.  Annoying.

Stores in Chinatown put their trash out at the curb every evening, and early each morning, a city crew comes along and picks it all up.  I’ve been down there many times when the garbage crew is making its rounds.  By the time they get there, the trash has been sitting out all night, and people have picked through it and spread it out on the sidewalk and stuff.  I love Chinatown, but aesthetically, it leaves a lot to be desired between nine in the evening and five in the morning.

You can see what I mean about the sign in the upstairs window and the awning.  I either forgot or never noticed that there’s also a sign in the window downstairs (I have made the image clickable if you’d care to see it larger), so if my short-term friend the other night had somehow found her way down there, she might have been able to work things out for herself.

img_7841A block and a half down, I was reminded that Thanksgiving was the next day.  Lee’s Bakery is kind of famous for being open late the night before, so people can get pies for their potlucks and family gatherings.  The bakery is right at the bus stop where I usually got off when I was still working with the engineers, and I would often grab lunch there, usually a couple of manapuas (char siu baos), which they make really well there.  It’s an inexpensive, convenient, filling, delicious lunch.  Lee’s does several things well, but I never thought the pies were worth standing in line for.  Forty of my fellow residents disagree, however.  It was 9:20 when I went by, and that’s how many people were in line.  The photo-ruiners in the SUV must also disagree, because they were carrying the telltale boxes tied with string as they got into their vehicle.

It was a nice walk.  I went about seven and a half miles total that night, and definitely felt it when I got home.

In with the New

I rang in the new year quietly and by myself, pretty much exactly the way I wanted it. In fact, I went to bed early and dragged myself out at about a quarter to midnight, so I could be there when the year changed. That means something to me, for some reason, and I hate to miss a thing like that. Then I called my parents at about half past midnight, as is my tradition.

A couple of weeks before the new year, I started going on long walks, to see if I could sustain some kind of schedule or weekly step-count goal. Ten thousand steps per day isn’t really that difficult a goal, but when you get busy with work and stuff, you often have to make time to get out and walk somewhere, and it’s easier just to have a taco or watch The Brady Bunch or something.

I’ve managed to do it. I did 72,000 steps the week straddling the old and new years, and then 79,000 for the first full week of the new year. I think 75K is a reasonable goal, but I honestly don’t know how sustainable that is. One night, I went out with Penny for dinner and ice cream, and I wouldn’t have come anywhere near a decent step-count for the day if I hadn’t walked home from Ala Moana, where the ice cream place is. It’s a little over four miles, which lately is beginning to feel like not that long a walk.

I decided on a weekly goal because it allows for missed days, or days of incredible lethargy. So I guess this might be sustainable as long as I don’t schedule too many things with others in any given week. Which is pretty much fine by me.

I turned forty-seven (holy freaking moly) last week, and spent it mostly lying in bed. That’s not really what I had in mind, but I was feeling really run-down all week, and didn’t get myself finally up and about until after four in the afternoon. I know: crazy. I returned a few text messages offering many happy returns, and then took myself to the movies. Although I was hoping to catch Joy, the show times worked out better for Sisters, especially since I wanted to leave enough time for The Hateful Eight, which had a 10:45 screening. Reviews forthcoming.

And then I walked home, stopping at Zippy’s for a late night (as in three in the morning) dinner I didn’t really want.

I’m really behind on a few things I get paid to do, which worries me a little, so I blocked off most of today and this evening to get on it. I still have to do a little bit of work on some personal things (such as this entry), too. I really, really, really need to use my time better. I’m already a person who has great difficulty managing my time without the regular dictation of a school bell. Combine that with my vampire-like tendencies and I can really lazy myself behind the eightball on work.

Resolutions next time. I’ve already figured them out, but I’ll articulate them some time before I break them.

Friday 5: It’s Time to Play the Music

From here.

  • How do you feel about honeydew and other melons?
    I am no fan of melons, honeydew or any other. However, I was at a hotpot restaurant with friends last year and watermelon juice was on the menu, and it was one of the tastiest, most refreshing drinks I’ve ever had. I’ve since made it at home. So I am rethinking my feelings about watermelon, which I still don’t really like. Yeah, I know that doesn’t make any since since watermelon juice is basically pureed watermelon with a little bit of sugar and maybe some lime juice.
  • How are your little piggies?
    Very clean since I just washed my feet, but slightly sore because I went for a very long (like, four hours in duration) walk this evening. Now that I’m mostly working in a cafe close to home, I don’t get a lot of walking done in the normal course of the day, as I used to when I worked in a Chinatown office. Now I have to take myself on actual walks.
  • What kind of experience do you have with scooters?
    When my friend Arjay took a semester off while we were in college, I borrowed his moped. If you’ve never ridden a moped, you should give it a try. It’s unbelievable fun. And you’d think that it would stop being so after you got used to it, but it never did. Later, when I first got out of college and couldn’t afford a car, I bought a used moped and drove that for about a year. I would often just go for rides, especially late at night and early-early in the morning, because it was a fun way to get fresh air and get some thinking done. I know why motorcyclists love their wheels so much, and I have wanted to own a motorcycle ever since my moped experience in college.
  • What animal frightens you most?
    I do a lot of swimming in the ocean, and of course there are sharks out there and down there, but I never think about them, so they don’t really frighten me. What really frightens me are box jellyfish, which invade Oahu’s south shores every month, ten days after the full moon. I keep an eye on the calendar so I know when jellyfish days are, but sometimes I forget, and once you get it into your head that you don’t know whether the day you’re in the water is a jellyfish day or not, all the fun is taken from the experience, and you’re kind of in a hurry to get out. The lifeguards put out warning signs, but I’m usually in the water hours before the lifeguards are on duty. *shudder*
  • Apples, celery, and walnuts dressed in mayo and served atop a bed of lettuce are popularly known as a Waldorf Salad. What’s your favorite salad with a name?
    If it’s on the menu, I get pretty excited about a good Cobb salad. Those hard-boiled eggs! Yum. However, few dining experiences rival a good Caesar Salad, prepared at your table, by someone who knows what he or she is doing. Oh my goodness. I have a good Caesear Salad story to tell about when I was at UH-Hilo, but I’m saving that for another time, so I’ll just say now that R is the pickiest eater I know, and she doesn’t like dressed salads. Since you normally have to have two orders for a table-made Caesar, in all the years we dined out together, I never got to order it, and it’s one of the very few complaints I ever had about her particular eating preferences. I still don’t think I’ve ever had one while on a date. That might be a good goal for next year.