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I haven’t picked out a planner yet; hoping to do that Saturday. Work has been kind of busy this week, in a way that’s hard to define. Or identify. Or even really confirm. So the pre-dawn writing and coffee experiment went surprisingly well Monday. I banged out about 770 words in forty-five minutes. It was […]

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2013-09-15 :: me // tube
TiVo To-Dos

In case anyone was wondering, these are the new fall TV programs I’m going to take at least one look at. TiVo already set for the shows that air in the next two weeks: Back in the Game. Can’t resist a show set against little league baseball. Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I kind of expect this to […]

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2013-03-30 :: me // tube
Dagger of the Mind

Star Trek Classic, Season 1, Episode 9. Third use of the Vulcan nerve pinch. The interplay between McCoy and Kirk is excellent in early scenes. It’s professional conflict but not personal, and you can tell it by the expressions in the actors’ faces. Nicely done. This episode’s ridiculously pretty guest actress is Marianna Hill as […]

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2013-03-29 :: me // tube

Star Trek Classic, Season 1, Epsiode 8. Two quotes worth mentioning: Janice Rand (to Kirk): “Back on the ship, I used to try to get you to look at my legs. Captain. Look at my legs.” McCoy (to Kirk): “He’s dead.” Spock: “Without them, it could be a beaker full of death.” The use of […]

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2013-03-28 :: me // tube
What are Little Girls Made of?

Star Trek Classic, Season 1, Episode 7. I’m not sure, but there seems to be a recurring theme in this original series of what makes someone human, and whether or not the things that make us imperfect (love, emotion, bias, that kind of thing) are actually the things that make humans superior to a non-feeling […]

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2012-12-17 :: me // tube
Mudd’s Women

Star Trek Classic. Season 1, episode 6. Cool. The opening scene has all the principals at once. Spock: “I’m happy the affair is over. A most annoying, emotional episode.” That’s about it as far as memorable moments, but this is the best episode yet, I think. It is unnecessarily heavy-handed, but I think that’s the […]

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2012-12-09 :: me // tube
The Enemy Within

Star Trek Classic. Season 1, Episode 5. Kirk: “At night, it gets down to about 120 degrees below zero.” Sulu: “That’s…nippy.” Yeoman Janice Rand is a painter. Nice touch. Fake Kirk kisses yeoman Rand. Spock: “There’s only one logical answer. We have an imposter on board.” I think this is the first time he says […]

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2012-11-19 :: me // tube
The Naked Time

Star Trek Classic. Season 1, episode 4. Funny line: Spock gives Sulu the Vulcan nerve pinch. Kirk says, “I’d like you to teach me that some time.” Spock: “We can’t afford a safety factor.” Question: Is this the first incidence of a shirtless Asian man on prime time TV? Nurse Chapel: “I’m in love with […]

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2012-11-09 :: me // tube
Where No Man Has Gone Before

Star Trek Classic. Season 1, episode 3. Wow. Sally Kellerman as a visiting psychiatrist. This is the first sorta crossover between this show and my favorite show, M*A*S*H. Kellermann played Hotlips Houlihan in the Robert Altman film, off which the TV series was spun. No Uhura or McCoy. First episode with Scotty. Yeoman Rand isn’t […]

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2012-11-03 :: me // tube
Charlie X

Star Trek classic. Season 1, episode 2. “Captain Kirk is one of a kind, Charlie.” (McCoy) “The job is yours, Bones. Flattery will get you nowhere.” (Kirk) “On Earth today, it’s Thanksgiving. The crew has to eat synthetic meatloaf; I want it to look like turkey.” (Kirk) Spock says, “As you wish.” It’s a lot […]

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