Lockdown: Squirmy day

Planning to make this a quick one because Thursday is the day I try to get into the water.

I had a good walk. 15,500 steps and I was back at the house just past midnight. I was squirmy for almost my whole work day, so I was not super productive, but I did submit like three or four things fo review, most of them edits of works in progress. Emailed my boss midway through the day to let her know I was struggling, and she was totally sympathetic. Suggested I take a walk and do a mental reset. She’d done the same earlier in the day.

Four hundred deaths in New York in the twenty-four hours leading up to the beginning of my day. It’s mind-boggling, and it’s going to get worse. We’re up to 258 cases as of Wednesday morning. I can’t remember the number of new cases, but it’s the biggest jump so far.

Traded a few more texts with my former department chair at HBA today. My former coworker who moved to the East Coast has officially been replaced, so I texted her to let her know. Traded texts with another coworker during the day, and laughed at a few things in a group text I’m in with former coworkers at the engineering firm. And a couple of quick ones with Crush Girl. Meant to call mom and dad but got distracted; I’ll do it Thursday when I get back from the beach.

Breakfast was overnight oats. Lunch was the rest of those brussels sprouts and some tortilla chips and salsa. Dinner was two small frozen burritos. And then two more. Yikes. For a late snack I had a tuna sandwich. Drank an unusual amount of soda today. I’ve decided that as long as I can afford it, it’s an indulgence I’ll allow myself without going overboard even though I never drink soda at home. Work is home now so that changes things a little.

And it makes me feel good.

Tomorrow I have a lot of broccoli to get through and probably some asparagus too. I might pick up some red potatoes if I’m brave enough to chance the supermarket. Broccoli and potatoes are so good together.

Ugh I forgot to do my taxes. Must do tomorrow or I’ll just keep dragging this out.

Getting late and I’ve been staring at this screen without typing for twenty minutes. No time for introspection.

Please reach out if you’re going through this alone or if you’re feeling disconnected or despondent. It’s a weird time we’re going through and any response at all is reasonable and understandable. You may need to suffer, but you needn’t suffer alone.

Lockdown: The wash and a morning off

There were too many people in the laundry for my comfort, but we were spaced out enough that I think it’s okay. Early Tuesday is definitely better than early Monday, though, so that will be my laundry night.

I took the morning off from work so I could recover from late-night laundry. A five-hour workday is much better than an eight-hour workday at home, and I have quite a bit of vacation to burn. I may make this a weekly thing. My boss has encouraged me to take as much time off as I want.

Work was productive. More revisions on that PSA, then edits to a digital version of our quarterly publication, then some talk about the letters I wrote on behalf of our CEO. A little bit of conversation about edits to a proposal I worked on. I like the variety.

The daily conference call was looooong, going more than an hour, but I think it was productive too. A lot of it just didn’t really concern me, which is the problem with larger meetings.

I got a text from my former department chair at HBA, asking how I’m doing. We traded a few. HBA ends an extended spring break Wednesday with the first day of all online classes. I’m kind of envious of my former colleagues, as they get to rethink their classrooms in a completely new way. I know some teachers find this kind of thing discouraging, but I think my friends would be kind of amped for the challenge.

I’m envious. I would love to try and teach ninth-grade English this way. I wonder if George, who’s the middle-school principal now, is also envious. I think I’ll ask. It must make him yearn to be in his classroom again; it does me.

Also sent a text to a former coworker Ali who’s on the mainland now. The time difference makes it rough for us to have conversations. Other text exchanges were with one of my coworkers and with Crush Girl. She sent me a photo of a grownup coloring book with some parts colored in — with the colored pencils I gave her for Christmas. That made me feel pretty good.

I did my census, but not my taxes. Will do those Wednesday.

Breakfast was a Big Mac combo, enjoyed with great pleasure while I worked at the laundry. For lunch, I went to a teahouse in my neighborhood. They’re doing drive-up takeout in their sizable parking lot (it’s a very popular party room). I’ve never had their food, ‘though I’ve heard it’s very good, and Mochi Girl sold her business to them. $10 for a tonkatsu plate, and it was *chef kiss*. I kind of want to go back again tomorrow. I kind of skipped dinner because I had tortilla chips and spinach artichoke dip for a late snack.

If I had started walking fifteen minutes earlier, I’d have hit my goal. I was nine hundred steps shy of my 13,000 target when the clock struck twelve. Ah well. Still a pretty nice walk.

It’s coming up on 2:00 in the morning and I plan to have a productive day, so off to bed.

My spirits are pretty good. I think my mood is tied to a productive workday and a nice walk, plus a little bit of interaction with people I love. This journaling probably helps a little too, just to stimulate the creativity a little. I think the essentials are the work and the fresh air.

I hope you’re finding whatever it is that does it for you. If you’re going through this alone, please reach out. We can talk each other through all this craziness.

Lockdown: Spin cycles

Walk / Don’t Walk

I skipped walking for the first night in more than a week, mostly in anticipation of laundry, which I am doing right now in my (now) usual spot. Last week’s Grand Central Station coming and going freaked me out a tiny bit, and I was confused because the week before I’d only encountered those two ladies who came in for the last hour of my time.

I realized (too late) that the week before last, I’d been here at 4 on an early Tuesday, while last week I was there at 3 on an early Monday. Of course. Sunday is laundry night.

So I’m here now, off to a later start than planned, on an early Tuesday again. One guy just left and another is finishing up now, so here’s hoping?

I’m slightly disappointed I didn’t get my walk, but more because I enjoyed the streak than because my body and mind felt the need to go. I think both felt a night off was appropriate, if not preferable.

Zooming into uncertainty

At work Monday, we had our first virtual all-staff meeting via Zoom. My company’s been using Zoom for years, since we have people on Kauai, Maui, and Hawaii Island, and the nature of our work dictates a lot of face-to-face meetings. We sometimes have all-staff meetings of our 100 people, with a few people Zooming in. This would be the first where all participants would be calling in.

It mostly worked. With everyone on mute, our leaders took their turns saying what they had to say. Some people IMed their questions, which our moderator tossed to the speakers when appropriate.

Then they unmuted everyone. I called in via phone (rather than web) and of course I had myself on mute from my end. You can tell a lot of people didn’t do the same. The cacophony of background noises was incredible. I kinda hope someone was recording the meeting so we could play it back some day, because it was truly comical. The idea was to unmute everyone so we could have an open Q&A, as we usually do at these meetings. It took just under a minute for us all to realize this wasn’t going to work.

Back to all-mute, and questions via IM.

You could feel the tension. People are worried about their positions, echoing some of the concerns I’ve expressed in this space. I wonder if that’s the vibe everywhere in this country, among people still lucky enough to be working.

After the brainstorm

I spent all weekend with two projects bouncing around in my brain. No actual writing on either, but lots of gestating. Then when I sat down at the keys Monday, they both kind of just rolled out of me. Revisions to the 30-second PSA came first, and I was pleased. I was even more pleased when they came back with revision suggestions and one suggestion made the entire thing better. A word had really been bothering me and I’d been unable to find something that worked better. Without my mentioning my discomfort with the word, someone suggested just deleting it. Yessss. I don’t know why the writer is often the last to think of that.

I negotiated to change back two small edits and got my way, and the piece is stronger over all, if for no reason other than its brevity.

The other project was a set of thank-you letters to donors, to be signed by our company president. It’s become a regular part of my job, to write new sets of letters every few month for our president, the president of the university, and some of the university’s units.

Our president and the university’s president were unhappy with my last set. I got too metaphorical on one set; I was too specific on another. This threw me a little because compared to letters written by someone else before I started doing them, these were pretty dang good. But it’s not my signature at the bottom, so I get it. I’m writing on behalf of someone else.

The challenge (as it ever is in all my work) is not to sound like everything else. In these thank-yous, you want donors actually to feel thanked, in a way that doesn’t sound like the chorus of other thank-yous these people receive.

I submitted a set I feel pretty good about, but after the hits I took on those last two sets, I no longer write these with confidence. It took the equivalent of two entire working days to write the letters I submitted yesterday, which is probably too long.

“Kale was a bad idea”

Monday I kinda skipped breakfast because of that early staff meeting (something I almost never do!), snacking later on chips and dip. Ugh. Lunch was two frozen burritos (I’ve found a brand whose ingredients list doesn’t read like you expect on frozen prepared foods). Dinner was about a pound and a half of steamed brussels sprouts in garlic butter.

The article I linked the other day by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt made me feel better about getting takeout, but oh, ugh, bleah. I’m still tense as heck when I’m out around others. I’d like to support local businesses but unlike certain lieutenant governors in other parts of the nation, I’m unwilling to die in order to save the economy for someone else’s children. And I’m certainly not willing to kill for it.

I’m on a mini-mission to finish the abundance of fresh produce in my fridge before it turns. Someone didn’t exactly panic shop last week, but someone might have gotten a little ambitious with veggies at Costco.

Making a list

In addition to more of those letters I have to write and a couple of proposals to get to fundraisers, I’m hoping to find time today to do my census and taxes. This past year was the least complicated money year I’ve had in a verrrry long time, so I’m absolutely filling out the short form.

I also have a Nielsen form to complete. A couple of months ago I got a dollar in the mail with a Nielsen survey, promising $10 if I completed the questionnaire and sent it in. So I did it and got a $10 bill in the mail some time later. Monday I got a radio survey to complete (I haven’t opened the envelope yet so I don’t know if there’s the promise of cash) and I’m all in, either way.

Brief connections

I traded a few texts with Crush Girl early. Then my coworker Sylvia a few times about today’s meeting. A couple of short FB Messenger exchanges. I think that’s it. It feels like enough.

I think I need to make a little bit of an effort to reach out to a few others. Will add to my to-dos for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Lockdown: Fish and kim chi

Went to the office to update some software on my work-issued laptop and to grab a few things from my desk. I didn’t need my movie-quote calendar or my Harry Potter calendar, but since I was there anyway, I brought those too.

Then I met Crush Girl for a few minutes to give her something, appropriately socially distanced, of course. I thought I might sneak into Walmart to grab something I really need, although not yet urgently, and from fifty yards away from the entrance, it looked like the regular flow of people going in and coming out. Are you kidding me? I got shivers just picturing myself among them all.

So I headed for Lowes, which has other options for the thing I need. Pulled into the parking lot, and it also looked like business as usual. While I idled in an aisle of parked cars, I saw at least four couples on their way from cars to the store. No thank you. I didn’t even pull into a stall.

I’m going to try Lowes again on a weekday morning (it opens at 6:30), perhaps early Tuesday on my way back from doing early laundry.

I had dim hopes for a stop at Ahi & Vegetable, one of my favorite sushi/salad places. In order to help out locally owned restaurants, one of the banks here put up $100,000 to reimburse diners fifty percent of their checks (for bills totalling up to $100 per visit) if they share a photo on social media with the recommended tags and a DM photo of the receipt. Ahi & Veg is one of the places on the list.

One woman was on her way out when I walked up, and nobody else was in the store. Yay. So yeah, I picked up a sashimi special (hamachi, salmon, and ahi sashimi on a bed of fresh greens, with their amazing, famously addictive salad dressing) and then I went a few doors down to a Korean take-out and got some meat jun (banchan: bean sprouts, kim chi, shoyu potato, and cold tofu). Korean for lunch; sashimi for dinner.

It’s nearly 1:30 in the morning and I’m having dinner now. Yummy as heck.

The walk felt really good for the first half, so I went a bit further. 17,600 steps for Sunday (nearly eight miles) and 2500 hundred for a head start on Monday. The last mile was a bit painful; I’m going to feel it in the morning for sure, but whatever. Gotta make up for all that Korean food.

Traded a few IMs with someone who sometimes reads this space. That was nice. She’s in actual self-quarantine because of a canceled cruise she was set to board (as in, she’s from the northern midwest and she was in San Diego getting ready to board when they they canceled). Also with Crush Girl, whom I also got to chat with in person for a few minutes. And then a few texts with the writing partner.

Hawaii is up 25 new cases Sunday. I fear there’s about to be an explosion in numbers. New York has me spooked.

It was nice to get takeout, nice to see Crush Girl, nice to go for a very long walk and not be rained upon, and nice to listen to some good music (Foo Fighters for most of the walk). I wouldn’t say I feel great, but there are worse ways to spend a Sunday.

Wherever you are, I hope you’re not going through this alone. Please reach out if you’re feeling too isolated.

Lockdown: Where’d the day go?

I’m not really sure what I did with my Saturday.

Stayed in bed until past 11 for starters. Worked the Saturday NYT crossword (it was brutal, but I solved it), stared at my phone a lot, and read quite a bit of news. That’s really all I remember.

Got to 16,500 steps for the day, walking a different (more urban) route. It’s quiet out there.

Breakfast was leftover macaroni and marinara. Actually, so was lunch. Dinner was an egg salad sandwich. I didn’t feel the need to snack until just now, after my walk. Tortilla chips and spinach-artichoke dip.

I got the okay to go to the office Sunday. I’m missing a few things from my desk, and if I’m not going back at least until the end of April, I’d like to have them at home. Also want to update my Creative Crowd programs on the work laptop. I have a loose data cap on my wifi (long story), so I’d like to run my updates on the office network.

I was hoping to get to the beach at sunrise before heading to the office. Alas, we have flash flood warnings this weekend, and it poured on the island, so although I haven’t heard of a brownwater caution, I’m not taking chances. Runoff is nasty stuff — you do not want to swim in that.

It just occurred to me that I have broccoli about to turn, and that would have been a better option for the spinach dip than the tortilla chips. Note to self for tomorrow.

Traded a few texts with Jennifer about the new Pearl Jam album (she hasn’t listened to it all the way through yet). It’s pretty dang good, possibly the best non-metal album of the year so far. Also a couple of texts with Crush Girl.

I also gave first spins to the new Morrissey album (it’s not bad but it’s not especially memorable) and the new Boomtown Rats album (first half excellent; second half meh).

The number of new COVID-19 cases on Oahu from Friday to Saturday is more like what I expected. I’m getting a little nervous.

I’m less nervous about ordering takeout. Except for a few late-night snacks at McD’s (close to midnight when there are almost no customers), I haven’t had takeout. I haven’t even had grab-and-go from convenience stores as is my wont. But this article by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt helps me relax a little. I might even drive somewhere tomorrow and get something. I wouldn’t say I’m tired of my own food at home, but it’s nice to get a meal out once in a while. It’s a long article but totally worth the read; I promise.

It’s been just over a full week since I brought the office home. Ostensibly I’m supposed to have more down time, but I haven’t opened a book (digital or physical) in all this time. Very strange. And I’m 30 pages from the end of a rather amazing book. I don’t know what’s going on there. Will finish sometime Sunday!

It’s a strange time we’re living in. If you’re going through it alone or you need to connect with someone, I hope you’ll reach out. I’m happy to talk you through whatever.

Lockdown: Some days are good enough (and a Friday 5)

Not my most productive Friday at work. I revised the voiceover copy for a 30-second radio PSA we’re doing for emergency student aid. It’s okay (my boss likes it) but it’s too long, and I don’t think it’s compelling enough. I asked if I could work on it a little more and submit a few other suggestions, and she said that would be fine.

So I’ll be doing a little of that over the weekend, which is okay. I kinda feel like I owe a few weekend hours after my non-productivity today.

It was another day of bad food decisions. Breakfast was two small frozen burritos which sounds unhealthy but really isn’t. Lunch was two hot dogs with ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut. Dinner was a bowl of macaroni with marinara sauce, prepared in the Instant Pot. I didn’t really snack unless you count the after-walk bowl of leftover macaroni I’m having right now. I prefer to think of it as the final course of my dinner meal, interrupted by five miles of walking.

I hit 14,448 steps for Friday. When midnight hit I was still a ways from home (I got off to a late start) so I already have 4,200 steps accumulated for Saturday. I kinda like doing it this way even though it really amounts to the same amount of walking. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and see I only have 9,000 steps to go.

Traded texts with a friend from work — but it wasn’t about work, and she’s not just a work friend anymore so I’m counting it. Responded to a text from a friend in San Diego, and sent a text to Grace to let her know (in case she missed it) that the city bus is operating on holiday schedules every weekday now.

I went through a few podcasts and laughed aloud at a few. Took a nap during my lunch hour. No progress on chores today but I knew that would happen when I stayed up ’til 3 Thursday night.

Neither a bad day nor an especially good one, so I’ll take it.

Friday 5: Final Frontier, from here.

  1. What would you do with more physical storage space?
    Put all my music, books, and DVDs in some kind of nice, neat arrangement, all in one place. They are taking over my residence and I’m getting a bit overwhelmed.
  2. What would you do with more living space?
    I’d like to get a restaurant booth and table just for meals, maybe with like a napkin dispenser and sugar shaker. I actually have room for this but I have to toss a bunch of stuff first. Not giving up on this dream.
  3. Would you rather have more kitchen counter space or kitchen cabinet space?
    I have a lot of cabinet space I don’t use. Stuff gets put in cabinets and forgotten about. Most of my cabinets are empty, except one where I keep the alcohol and a few cans. So I would like more counter space for my many kitchen appliances. Right now they take turns between the counter and the space under my dining table. The only permanent residents are the bread machine, Instant Pot (which only recently replaced the slow-cooker), and microwave oven. That’s right: I’m a bad Japanese boy. I don’t keep my rice cooker on the counter. I made brown rice in the Instant Pot the other night and it came out great, so I’m thinking of just using the IP for rice now, since it’s in the position of honor.
  4. What would you do with a larger bedroom?
    A couch and a papa-san for sure. I wouldn’t mind having a second desk in there either.
  5. What’s taking up too much space in your brain lately?
    For once I don’t feel especially burdened lately. Maybe work? I’m a little concerned about being more productive working at home. And although I thank God daily that my company is keeping me working, I honestly don’t feel safe if things get worse. There are indispensable people around here, and I don’t think I’m one. There are several people with more seniority in my company who can write. I’m not worried right now, but I’m a little worried that I might have to worry later.

I hope anyone reading this is sheltering well. You don’t have to go through it alone; please reach out if you are.

Lockdown: Hopeful beaches

The city and state both say physical activities for exercise are permitted as long as social distancing guidelines are followed. The state edict specifically includes surfing and swimming, which means all I have to do is find a good spot, and I’m back in the water. My usual beach, Ala Moana, is attached to a park, which means its greatest advantage (besides being right in the heart of the city) is wiped out: parking right next to the beach and walking fifteen yards to get into the ocean.

But there are other options if I’m willing to drive a bit further. Than one option that’s reeeeeally close to Ala Moana where there’s plenty of free parking (probably not closed because it’s not a park), and it’s right on the beach. The problem there is that the better area for swimming is a leeeeettle bit of a walk along the water’s edge. I’m going to do it next week before work.

My writing partner has a new little activity for us to work on together, something journaling-related. Should be interesting.

I didn’t do nearly as much stuff today as I intended, but I did okay. My chores were interrupted by a suddenly very slow drain, which I hope to take care of Friday during my work day. Picked up some foaming Drano at Long’s near the end of my long walk this evening.

I went 15,700 steps (2000 of them after midnight last night) before picking that stuff up at Longs. The Walgreen’s in my hood closes at 9 these days instead of being open all night, so thank goodness for Long’s sticking to its open-all-night schedule.

After midnight it was another 2000 steps (that’s about the distance from Long’s to my house) to count toward Friday’s goal.

Only eleven new diagnoses yesterday in Hawaii.

I started Tim Allen’s The Santa Clause Thursday. Only got eight minutes into it before the local news came on (I felt a sense of responsibility to watch it since I read no news the day before). It’s pretty promising. I saw the sequel (The Mrs. Clause) in the theater and really liked it. It was one of those impulse DVD purchases last December and I’m just getting to it.

Cowboy Mouth has a new EP Friday and it’s pretty dang good. New albums also drop from Pearl Jam, Morrissey, and Vanessa Carlton, all probably worth checking out. Meanwhile nothing that interesting in metal is out this week (nor last), so this weekend’s a good time to get caught up. There were new Boomtown Rats and Maria McKee albums this month too, and I still haven’t gotten to them.

I’m up late, resigned ahead of time to work tired Friday. Most of the stuff I have to do isn’t too mentally strenuous (I hope), and honestly sometimes when I’m tired the work comes out better because I don’t overthink it. The stuff I have to produce Friday needs to be good but it doesn’t need to be amazing, which means I’m helped by being unable to try super hard.

My brain and body sooooo yearn to go to vampire hours. I kinda floated the idea casually past my boss a couple of weeks ago in anticipation of this working from home thing, and she very quickly shot it down. She reminded me that some of the stuff I’m working on nowadays is quick with little notice, like this COVID-19 student aid thing I’ve been working on.

So it’s time for this wannabe vampire to fly back to the cave even though 2:00 a.m. is the best part of the day.

Lockdown: My phone actually has phone call functionality (who knew?)

I don’t know how other departments in my company are handling the work-from-home situation, but our department (seven of us including our director) has a daily conference call at 2:00 on Zoom. Most of us video call; I call on my phone. I understand it’s an important thing but it’s my least favorite time of day. It combines two things I dislike: meetings and phone calls.

Today I had three phone calls when most days I have just the one. Consulted with a fundraiser for notes on an article I’m writing for her. Then my usual one-on-one with my director. Then the group call.

Managed somehow to be pretty productive anyway. I am still not working as efficiently as I could be, but true efficiency may never come in this setup.

Traded brief messages with my uncle in San Diego just to see how he was doing in his own lockdown. He’s still going to work and says he’s doing well. I said I’m working from home and also doing pretty well. That was about it.

Also sent a text to a friend in Boston, and traded a few texts with Crush Girl. Mostly stayed off social media, not for any specific reason.

I won’t go into what I ate because it’s embarrassing. Let’s just say my lunch rhymed with rips and balsa, and it may have been the healthiest meal of my day.

Chipped away at house chores. That felt good. I took a late walk for 14,415 steps and got a 2000-step jump on tomorrow’s count. Picked up dinner at McD’s and picked up some brown sugar from Long’s. Listened to a little bit of Talking Heads, and then the new Gordon Lightfoot album (it’s good). Got through a mess of podcasts.

Thursday is a state holiday, and I’m looking forward to it. I’m going to sleep in, do some chores, maybe watch a movie, work on some personal writing, and work on the podcast. Ambitious, yes, but doable. I’ll hopefully squeeze in some reading too.

I didn’t pick up any local news at all today, not even incidentally. Weird. Maybe I’ll pop open the app from my local paper (which I subscribe to) and do a quick scan before bed.

I hope wherever you are, you’re making the most of this time. Stay safe.

Lockdown: Neither mindful nor purposeful

A quick one this evening because after my long walk (14,327 steps) I needed a snack, and I went to town on some tortilla chips and fresh salsa. They took up enough time and attention that I don’t have a lot of time for journaling right now, not if I want to be at my desk ready to work at a reasonable time. Which I do.

Not my best day, productivity-wise, although I got a couple of chores done. After submimtting like three things at work yesterday, today I found myself kind of trickling rather than flowing. Sometimes the words are harder to find.

Breakfast was overnight oats. Lunch was two hotdogs with ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut. Dinner was two hotdogs again, with a couple of steamed red potatoes. Then those incredible tortilla chips and salsa for a late-night decadence.

I was feeling pretty crappy until the walk. It rained, not very hard but pretty steadily, and I got rather wet. Still felt great.

It wasn’t my most purposeful, most mindful day. I’ll right the ship Wednesday, and it begins with getting myself to bed now.

Tomorrow: a pocast I really like did a 32-seed bracket of the best things about working from home. I found some of the comments really, really in tune with my experiences. I’d like to break it down a little.

Reach out if you’re feeling alone. You don’t have to go through this by yourself.

Lockdown: Almost finding a work groove

My workspace is still not what I want it to be, and it’s slowing me down a little. Still, although I got off to a bit of a late start (because of that laundry excursion) and although I was pretty draggy all day (because of that laundry excursion), I found a bit of a groove and submitted a few pieces of work.

I did a couple of easy, quick chores (yay), did a few crosswords (yay), took a very short nap, and went for a walk. Not quite as long — about 12,500 steps — but it felt like a good, healthy distance.

I ate like a madman today. Stopped for a local deluxe platter at McD’s on my way home from doing laundry. That’s a McD’s order you can only get in Hawaii: Portuguese sausage, Spam, rice, and scrambled eggs. So bad, but so good. Although that shoulda been breakfast, by late morning I was kind of hungry again, so I had some overnight oats. Then two hot dogs for lunch (with mustard, ketchup, and sauerkraut) and the last of my leftover beef stew with brown rice for dinner.

After the walk, I added a bowl of steamed broccoli. I know. It was slightly insane.

I had minimal connection today with others. Chatted a minute or two with my boss on the phone, Texted Crush Girl a couple of times. Traded a few texts with Grace. It was fine. I don’t have to consciously seek connection every day; I just have to be careful I don’t unconsciously go without it for too long at a time, since that’s kind of my wont.

Finishing that stew means tomorrow I get to play with the Instant Pot again. Since I still have a ton of broccoli to use up very soon, I’m thinking steamed red potatoes. Add some (microwave) steamed broccoli and garlic herb butter, and it’ll be super frugal and delicious.

What I need more than anything right now is a good night’s sleep. It’s been a while but I have a good feeling about tonight.