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Bursting the Dam

I checked out Central Baptist again, where I’d been going on-and-off about six years ago. Cathy goes there now, and teaches a Sunday School class, and after hearing so much about it, I thought I’d give it a visit. No verdict yet.

Right after worship service, I drove to school and worked my butt off. I was uncharacteristically focused and really productive, finishing up a lot of stuff that I thought I’d gradually get done over the course of this upcoming school-week. After about four hours, I picked Cathy up and we went to Barnes and Noble (for me, it was fifth time in the past week) so Cathy could work on essays and I could do some lesson-planning. There was this guy straightening the magazine rack, and he was obviously good at what he was doing. I loved watching him do his work, and jotted down a few phrases and images that popped into my mind, and then the poem came.

It’s been years–YEARS!–since I’ve written any real poetry, and although I’ve felt a few things coming on over the past month or so (there’s one poem still incubating about “pedal fade” but I can’t settle it down), I haven’t been able to get anything down right. This came out like a flood, though, and I could barely write my lines down fast enough to keep up with what was going on in my brain.

Of course, it ended up being a poem about something different from what I started off with, and I am not displeased with the results. It’s definitely in rough-draft form right now (I tend to write way too verbosely and then pare my lines down and discard unneeded info, rather than start off spare and add stuff to it), but there’s enough good stuff there that I can tell it’s probably going to be a keeper. I hesitate to do this, but I’m going to post its current incarnation here, because I’m feeling that I need to share it with someone.

My fantasy baseball team won its first-round playoff game this week with relative ease (500+ points!), despite John Smoltz and Mark Mulder being out with injuries and I am now playing in the semis. This is the furthest I’ve made it into the season in ten years of playing this geeky game.

quick, random opinion:
Stadium Bowl-O-Drome is awesome.

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