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note: This entry was never really completed, and I never posted it until I went through old entries and reformatted them for the new location. I only post it here now because shortly after I ran the entry from the day before, I got an email from Liann, whose mother found the entry via Google and forwarded her the link, saying I’d hurt her with “Liann Ebesugawa ruined my day.” I quickly (and embarrassedly) explained what I meant, and forwarded her a copy of this never-published entry. I inconspicuously slide it in here now, so that others might not misunderstand what I said. I do plan to finish this some day.


I got to Ward Center slightly early–the stores didn’t open until ten, except for Borders, so I went to Mocha Java for breakfast. I read the paper as I happily munched my omelet.

Nearly finished, I glanced up from the paper, and from behind, saw a slender Japanese-local woman in white shorts waiting at the counter for a cup of coffee. I swear: the first thought that shot through my mind was, “Those look like Liann’s legs.”

I don’t know why I never take myself seriously on stuff like that, but instead of checking to see if it actually was Liann, I went back to the newspaper.

My first semester in Hilo, I took a 7:30 Tuesday-Thursday Brit Lit survey, a 9:00 Tuesday-Thursday Shakespeare course, a Monday-Wednesday-Friday geography survey, a 3:00 five-day-a-week Japanese language course, and a Monday-only 6:00 to 9:00 Chaucer course. Don’t laugh–that Chaucer course was the best thing I took in all my years of school.

The first night of that Chaucer course, I sat in the back row, two columns from the wall nearest the door. Sitting one row ahead of me and against the wall was, I decided that night, the most beautiful woman in Hilo. I don’t remember what she wore (okay, I remember she wore shorts), but I do remember what she was reading (this should tell you something about what really attracts me to a woman!): Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston’s Farewell to Manzanar.

I asked her, during the few minutes before the beginning of class, if it was assigned reading. She said no, she was reading it for herself. I asked her if she was Japanese. She said yeah, and asked if I, too, was Japanese.

Okay, I know that doesn’t sound like much, but I’m shy, remember? It was a lot for me to just go up to her and start talking. I was emboldened by the fact that she was reading (and that’s my turf!) a book I was very familiar with, of course, and I have never hesitated to talk to anyone about what he or she was reading.

That was about the extent of our first conversation. When Dr. David Miller called the roll, I paid very close attention, so I could remember her name.

And then: I never saw her again that semester! She dropped the course!

But we were both English majors and we both worked in the Writing Center, so I got to know her other ways. The day I had my orientation for the Writing Center and saw Liann in the same meeting was one of the best days. I went home. My roomie asked how it was. I said, “I’m working alongside the most beautiful woman in Hilo.”

“What’s her name?”

“Liann Ebesugawa.”

“Oh yeah. I know her. Hmmm. She is the most beautiful woman in Hilo.”

(to be completed…someday…)

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Next Monday night: Raiders 27, Packers 20

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