Flesh Becomes Water; Wood Becomes Bone

Okay this will be a fast one just because I haven’t done anything in super long and I should put SOMETHING in this space.

The simplified life continues. Three days during the work week, I get up early and hit the beach for a swim. I’m in the water close to an hour, sometimes cranking out a nice, strenuous swim and sometimes sorta cruising, but I do feel myself getting stronger. More important is the peace and happiness (or something approaching happiness) I get just from spending that time in the water as the sun’s coming up. I don’t know if this is doing my body any good, but it’s doing my mind a lot of good. My mood on beach days is usually terrific.

I’ve tried different breakfast options, including overnight oats, which I love, but on beach days there are few things better than a footlong sandwich at Subway. I can’t explain it. On both college campuses where I’ve worked, Subway was the only thing open during winter and spring breaks, and for a couple of weeks during the summer, so I’d usually get my Subway quota during those periods and really never eat there otherwise, but dang. After an hour in the ocean it’s all I want to eat. Though I know it’s not the best choice, I try to assure myself that I could do a lot worse for my body.

I usually take the mornings to read while I’m having that sandwich. Then it’s off to work, where I’ve been pretty dang productive lately. Lunch is usually somewhere nearby, although I try to get a few thousand steps in too. After work I walk the rest of the steps toward my weekly goal (which is something like 91K steps, or 13K per day) then get home.

Then it’s just getting ready for the next day.

On non-beach days, I sleep in. I would like to get it up to six beach days per week (Sundays off) but my body won’t take that yet. I had a week when I went five days and my mood was the opposite of good.

Does any of this have to do with Crush Girl? Maybe.

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