Friday 5: Scattergories Part 9

I made my move. I can’t say why, in this public space, but I pretty much only got one chance at this — there would be no wooing, none of my customary long game. It’s the main reason I waited so long. I had to pick a time when I thought the moment was good. I wasn’t getting a second shot.

I asked her (via text, of course) if she wanted to see a movie with me next week, one evening during the week. She said she’d already told other friends she’d see the movie with them. I said let me know if you change your mind. Then I said it wasn’t really about the movie, so if she wants to hang out, let’s hang out. If not, I’ll back off. And then something about really enjoying getting to know her.

She replied the next morning with thanks — you’re a good friend.

Oh yeah. Friend-zoned right out of the gate.

At first I felt lousy, of course, but I also felt pretty good. “I’m back in the game,” I wrote in some public social media space somewhere. I even texted two friends saying the same thing. “I asked her out. She shot me down in flames. But I’m back in the game so I’m okay.”

That lasted almost a day, and now it pretty much just feels crappy, and here’s why. For most of my life, I haven’t pursued female companionship for dating’s sake. I casually dated rather a lot, especially in high school and early in college, because I love female companionship, but it was never really about long-term relationships. I didn’t pursue relationships after my first high-school girlfriend as the object themselves.

With R, it wasn’t about wanting to be in a relationship. It was her. I just liked being with her more than I liked being with anyone else, including alone by myself. When I asked Mochi Girl out, it was her, not a relationship, I was interested in, and we’re talking about a lot of years between R and Mochi Girl. Except for K (a very long story I should probably tell, now that all interested parties are married except me), someone I pined a very long time for without ever making a move, it’s pretty much just been R and Mochi Girl since I graduated college 24 years ago.

Mochi Girl didn’t work out mostly because I liked being alone more than I liked being with her, and I rather liked being with her. So it takes someone rather terrific for me to start thinking moves.

Don’t get me wrong: there have been crushes galore. Pretty much non-stop ever since things ended with R. But, you know. Just crushes.

This one was (is) different. I really like her, or at least the her I know so far. Circumstances (those blasted circumstances again!) sort of make it difficult to get to know her outside one or two contexts. I don’t know what she’s like when she’s angry, or how she treats people who are uncool to her, or whether she’s pre- or post-millennial about the rapture, or what she thinks of predestination (possible deal-breaker, I tell myself even though I know it’s a lie).

What I do know, though, was enough to get me out of my crush stasis and into move-making mode.

That’ll teach me.

Because you know, I have this dating app (I’m not saying which but some of the stuff three paragraphs up would give you a clue) on my phone and I considered opening it up.

I installed it months ago but haven’t opened it yet. At first it was because I had to ask myself what my approach was going to be, but then it was because I was into Crush Girl, and the stupid dating app seemed meaningless. I wanted Crush Girl, or at least I wanted to see if Crush Girl and I could be a thing.

But hey. I’m back in the game, right? Let’s take that dating app for a spin.

Not as easy as I kind of thought it would be. Crush Girl is pretty outstanding. I’d post a few bullets here but circumstances make that impossible for now; I’d have to find some kind of code to write it in.

If you know me well, you’d just say, “Well of course.” Certain things about where she went to school and what she studied, and what she does on Sundays, just shallow LinkedIn profile kind of stuff, might have you shaking your head too. Like, don’t I ever learn?

I’m not saying someone on the dating app would have to have those bullets (which R and Mochi Girl both did). But at least in the immediate aftermath of being shot down, I have to say it’s difficult to imagine anyone not having them catching my interest.

‘Cause it’s not about the dating. I’m fine without dating. It was about her, and now I’m not sure I’m fine without her.

It kind of hurts to type that.

It’s been ten(ish) years since Mochi Girl. It took someone like Crush Girl for me to make a move. Someone find me someone like that!

Friday 5, from here. The annual Scattergories theme. The random-letter generator rolled me an R. I am not making this up.

  1. What beverage do you enjoy but seldom have?
    Root beer for sure. I love it, but there’s just too much sugar in regular soda, and I have some blood sugar issues. I still have a root beer wall in my house, though, where 20+ glass bottles of root beer from different bottlers tells the story of my love.
  2. What’s better now than when you were a kid?
    I want to say rock concerts. When I was a kid, the local concert scene semed so not-happening, although I remember missing a good number of great shows just because I wasn’t old enough to go anywhere. In fact, one reason I got my first paying job right after turning 14 was so I could buy my own concert tickets and not have to ask for money. The first one came along in 9th grade, a few months after I got the job. .38 Special with Golden Earring. I presented my case to my dad, even though I already knew the answer. It was a school night. My parents were religious about school nights. My dad said he appreciated that I’d worked hard for the money and if it hadn’t been a school night, he’d have let me go. Dang! The concert scene is pretty lively now. I’ve been to more concerts in the past three years than in the previous 20.
  3. Who makes you happy?
    Speaking of concerts, Rush was my first, and something inspired me to listen to lots of Rush this week (not that I ever need a reason), and there was a moment, sitting in front of my computer at work, when I wanted to say aloud that Rush really makes me happy. I can’t say that of many people, so thanks to Geddy, Alex, and Neil. I’m flicking my Bic in Canada’s general direction.
  4. Where do you go when you want to indulge?
    There’s an Italian restaurant in my parents’ neighborhood called Ricado’s, and I’m a big fan. Some friends and I used to go a lot, but it’s been rather a long time since I’ve been there. I think I’ll try to organize a weeknight dinner with those friends this week. Take my mind off what’s-her-name. IT WORKED! Just kidding. That’s an old Peanuts joke.
  5. Where’s a comfy place to sit?
    I have great difficulty finding comfy places to sit. I don’t do chairs very well, although I’ve known a few pleasant rockers and recliners in my day. Denise, who rolled an H, says hammock, which is a great answer. Hammocks are ridiculously comfortable. I’m afraid my answer is Regal Dole Cannery IMAX and RPX, the movie theater in my hood. It’s a quiet, air-conditioned, dark, comfy place to catch a nap, something I’ve done many times over the years. I have better naps in that theater than anywhere, other than the theater close to the office!

2 Replies to “Friday 5: Scattergories Part 9”

  1. I am seeing Hawaii does not have a lottery. That is not helping matters.

    Powerball is currently up to $138,000,000. Or about $60,000,000 after taxes on a one time payout.

    That is enough to buy Seven Seas. She is a yacht. And nothing attracts women more than a yacht. Makes Lamborghinis pale in comparison.

    Only three years old with a steel hull. That’s the good kind. On sale for only $30.000.000. That is like 60% off retail. And you’d have enough money left over to sail her (well the crew would do the actual work) for five or six years. More than enough time to find the woman of your dreams.

    And more than enough time to say sayonara to Mochi Girl and Crush Girl and R when they come crawling back.

    Or you could join a yacht club and never leave the dock. Just one big constant champagne-fueled party.

    I recommend Clicquot Veuve. And if you buy in quantity it’s only like forty bucks a pop.

    That is very funny. Forty bucks a pop? Champagne? Classic material.

    But no lottery. I suppose you could start lobbying your state legislators but that could take years. We need a yacht now.

    So. We will need a Plan B. Let’s put on our thinking caps. Hmmm.

    One time my friend Spewgie and I were at a party and were
    entranced by a guy with a charming Southern USA accent. We had an extra ticket to a Shakespeare play. Would you like to come along?

    Southern guy: I’m leaving tomorrow. I have to go back to misery.
    勝美: Oh no! That’s terrible.
    Southern guy: I live in misery.
    勝美: Is there anything I can do to help?
    Southern guy: M – I – S – S – O – U – R – I. Misery.
    勝美: Oooooooooh. That misery.

    That gave me one of my good ideas.

    勝美: We should move down south.
    Spewgie: What for? Then everyone will have charming accents.
    勝美: No! We’ll be the ones with the charming accents!
    Spewgie: Oh yeah ….

    Your Hawaiian accent is a big plus.

    Let’s see. Alaska is no good. A history lecturer on a Holland America cruise was Hawaiian. Probably still is for that matter. Super interesting guy. And big. Like a sumo. I had lunch with him a couple of times and it was difficult for me to keep up but I traded him my cupcake for his potato salad so it is hard to say.

    Every day he would have to explain that he was Hawaiian of Japanese ancestry and not a Native Alaskan during the Q&A part of his lecture. Every day.

    So. Alaska is out. So is Canada. Besides I think Canada has more Asians than USA.

    I don’t suppose you are fluent in French. ‘Cause I’m thinking you should move to Paris. Where a lot of artists and writers live. Well maybe one hundred years ago.

    Wear a beret. Drink red wine. Listen to jazz. Smoke cigarettes while listening to poets in dark cellar nightclubs while wearing sunglasses.

    Now that my mother is in assisted living, my duties as youngest daughter are pretty much fulfilled. It is time for me to start looking for a “significant other”. It’s kind of scary.

    One step at a time.

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