Lockdown: Where’d the day go?

I’m not really sure what I did with my Saturday.

Stayed in bed until past 11 for starters. Worked the Saturday NYT crossword (it was brutal, but I solved it), stared at my phone a lot, and read quite a bit of news. That’s really all I remember.

Got to 16,500 steps for the day, walking a different (more urban) route. It’s quiet out there.

Breakfast was leftover macaroni and marinara. Actually, so was lunch. Dinner was an egg salad sandwich. I didn’t feel the need to snack until just now, after my walk. Tortilla chips and spinach-artichoke dip.

I got the okay to go to the office Sunday. I’m missing a few things from my desk, and if I’m not going back at least until the end of April, I’d like to have them at home. Also want to update my Creative Crowd programs on the work laptop. I have a loose data cap on my wifi (long story), so I’d like to run my updates on the office network.

I was hoping to get to the beach at sunrise before heading to the office. Alas, we have flash flood warnings this weekend, and it poured on the island, so although I haven’t heard of a brownwater caution, I’m not taking chances. Runoff is nasty stuff — you do not want to swim in that.

It just occurred to me that I have broccoli about to turn, and that would have been a better option for the spinach dip than the tortilla chips. Note to self for tomorrow.

Traded a few texts with Jennifer about the new Pearl Jam album (she hasn’t listened to it all the way through yet). It’s pretty dang good, possibly the best non-metal album of the year so far. Also a couple of texts with Crush Girl.

I also gave first spins to the new Morrissey album (it’s not bad but it’s not especially memorable) and the new Boomtown Rats album (first half excellent; second half meh).

The number of new COVID-19 cases on Oahu from Friday to Saturday is more like what I expected. I’m getting a little nervous.

I’m less nervous about ordering takeout. Except for a few late-night snacks at McD’s (close to midnight when there are almost no customers), I haven’t had takeout. I haven’t even had grab-and-go from convenience stores as is my wont. But this article by J. Kenji Lopez-Alt helps me relax a little. I might even drive somewhere tomorrow and get something. I wouldn’t say I’m tired of my own food at home, but it’s nice to get a meal out once in a while. It’s a long article but totally worth the read; I promise.

It’s been just over a full week since I brought the office home. Ostensibly I’m supposed to have more down time, but I haven’t opened a book (digital or physical) in all this time. Very strange. And I’m 30 pages from the end of a rather amazing book. I don’t know what’s going on there. Will finish sometime Sunday!

It’s a strange time we’re living in. If you’re going through it alone or you need to connect with someone, I hope you’ll reach out. I’m happy to talk you through whatever.

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