Lockdown: There aren’t enough women in this house

Wow. It is late. Even for me.

I might have to make this quick since it’s so freaking late.

Garbage in

Okay, so let’s talk about food. I ate garbage all day long. I do not know what came over me. On my way to the laundry, I went through the McD’s drive-through for a Big Mac combo. Only I didn’t stop at the combo. I added ten chicken McNuggets to the order for no reason I can fathom except sheer gluttony.

It was all faaaabulously delicious. I regret everything.

Lunch was half a can of corned beef hash with brown rice. Dinner was the other half, also with brown rice. I have that canned stuff for when I run out of fresh food and can’t make it to a grocery store. No idea what happened! I also snacked on Korean barbecue flavored tortilla chips. They were really good.

As if all that were not enough (and it apparently wasn’t), during my walk, I stopped at an empty 7-Eleven and had an ice cream bar AND an egg salad sandwich! Gluttony was my deadly sin of the day. Why couldn’t it be sloth?

While I was scarfing dinner, I did throw some thing in the Instant Pot to make marinara sauce with the canned whole tomatoes left over from the chili. The tomatoes, their juice, a small can of tomato paste, some cocoa, thyme, bay leaf, dried basil, and a few cups of Riesling. It came out pretty dang good, although it could use some sweetening. I shoulda thrown in some dried red pepper flakes too.

Tomorrow I’ll use the marinara to go with some penne and some of that blue cheese I’ve been thinking about but not opening. And probably drink the rest of the Riesling. It’s a lot of empty carbs, probably too many, but at least it’s not trash like my entire consumption Tuesday!

Familiar places; familiar paces

Holy mackerel it took me forever to get out the door this evening. I almost didn’t go. And since I strated j ust ten minutes before 11, there was no way I was going to hit my 13,000 steps for the day. I got about 7500 before midnight and 4500 steps after midnight, which means I didn’t even get my 13,000 steps for the trip. Since I came atoms from not going at all, I’m going to count it a win anyway.

The walk felt pretty good, but it was noticeably warm! My Dark Sky app said it was 74 at 1:00 in the morning. Yow.

IM, I said

I traded some good texts with Ali in Boston, about an article she sent me outlining why nonprofits should pay their people better. The writing partner and I have been disconnected for more than a week. Turns out we had some miscommunication. I swear it was her fault but it’s never one person’s fault. The Borg vs McEnroe film reminded me of one of the funniest sports quotes I’ve ever heard, so I sent it to Penny and it started a short text conversation about some of the tennis players of our youth.

A delicate sound of numbers

The cases in Hawaii go up, but not by much. We’re just not seeing a spike, and I suspect it’s because of not enough testing. Thirteen new cases yesterday, five new cases the day before. This is not what I expected. Maybe the people of Hawaii are nicer to each other than I thought.

The leadership in this country is driving me mad. The state leadership isn’t much better.

I still didn’t make my mask, but I did clean up my scissors in anticipation of doing so. Wednesday for sure!

I am not lonely, but I have to say I’m beginning to miss female companionship. I could really go for lunch with some female platonic friend or any one of the unusual number of very young women I’ve gotten to be friends with in the past few years. Or ex-colleagues, my female teaching kinfolk. Just a little bit of time to soak up some company with the fairer sex. The women from the engineering firm with whom I trade texts. One of them moved last month, but two are still here. I keep avoiding going out with them, but when this thing is over, I could sure use some time in their space.

I’m not feeling down about any of it, but if you are, and if you’re going through this alone (or if it merely feels like you are), please reach out, whatever your age or sex. 🙂 Let’s commiserate. I know some funny stories and sympathetic noises.

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