Lockdown: CDB? DBSA BZB.

Gotta make this a fast one because there are still a few things I want to do before putting a bow on this weekend.

I could have slept until 2 again but I resisted. Got up at 10:30, had breakfast (shoyu chicken and brown rice), read the news, did a few small chores, and took a nap. Woke up for lunch (two hot dogs with mustard, ketchup, and sauerkraut), wrote my Jay and Silent Bob review (see below), watched Borg vs McEnroe again while I worked on reorganizing my workspace, and did some cleaning up in my iTunes.

I think I’m going to put all my CDs in tubs and store them in my big closet. Since I listen to almost all my music via Spotify nowadays, I seldom listen to CDs or even iTunes. However, a lot of my stuff isn’t available on streaming platforms, so I want to make sure whatever isn’t is in my iTunes. I want access to my whole collection wherever possible.

This takes a bit of time, but it’s fun. Good, geeky, musical fun.

Ali sent me a photo of her dog, lying with his head on the carpet next to the book I gave her for Christmas, which she is getting around to reading. We had a nice conversation about the dog, the book, and going to the beach. Crush Girl said she finished reading the book I lended her, and she asked for a photo of the sourdough. She thought I’d baked some already but I was still feeding the starter. I’m hoping to get to the sourdough during my lunch break Monday. Very late, during my walk, my friend Sharon asked me something about someone on LinkedIn. So I had three nice text exchanges with good friends, all initiated by them. I wasn’t feeling very reach-outy, so it was nice.

Also traded a few IMs with Friday 5 girl.

I went for a short walk, knowing I still had stuff to do before bed. I got it to 12,800 steps before midnight (from 8000 already walked in the wee hours) and then another 4500 after midnight, so really only 10,000 steps for the day. During the walk I had dinner, grabbing a double cheeseburger and strawberry shake at McD’s and downing them in the parking lot. There was no snacking for some reason.

Sometime Monday I’m going to write about the bees.

Okie dokie. I’ve run out of things to say for once. Time to get some work done.

Reach out if you’re having difficulty getting through this weird time. I’m good at weird. Let’s talk about it.

2 Replies to “Lockdown: CDB? DBSA BZB.”

  1. I’m in a similar CD situation. I have tons I want to make sure I have access to on iTunes but need to actually take the time to get it all on there. I was doing a little bit each day at one point, then I ran out of steam. Maybe today…

    1. Ohhhh yeah, I’ve gone through waves of this too. Sunday it was just the CDs stacked messily on my work desk, which have been sitting there for years and I’m finally dealing with them! So yeah. I know the running out of steam thing!

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