Lockdown: Shut in and drives

Another strange day. I got up around 9 after only three hours of sleep. Had a few bites of potato salad so I could take my meds. Then read the news and did the NYT crossword. Then back to bed of course.

I did a few more crosswords and had pulled pork and kale on hapa rice for lunch, although I guess it was more of a late breakfast. So good.

The rest of the day was a combination of doing nothing and doing little tasks. I did take apart that PC, breaking it into its components and tossing its pieces in the trash. We’re allowed to throw electronic trash in the bin here. Our trash gets separated and then burned for electricity. I took it all out, even the motherboard, except the DVD and CDR drives. The best thing about PCs is how easy they are to open up and add stuff to or subtract stuff from.

That top drive is pulled back as far as I could slide it.

I saved the ZIP drive for use later. I have some old teacher stuff on ZIP discs somewhere, and I wouldn’t mind rescuing it. The hard drive I’ll destroy and throw away separarately later. Wish I could get the DVD and CDR drives out. They’re held in by some weird connector I haven’t seen, like rivets or something. I could slide them back in the rack but couldn’t get the rack itself out.

I’m thinking of holding on to the case too, although I can’t really imagine why.

Late lunch was overnight oats. Very late dinner was more pork and kale. Somewhere in there I also had four tiramisu Oreos.

The rack looks like it’s held in by that weird connector at the top of the photo. What is that? Some kind of rivet?

I did not go for a walk. Again. Will do it Sunday evening for sure.

I got some of those masks I ordered on Etsy. The ants tried to move into one of the envelopes, big time. I had to tear the package open and let them take their larvae somewhere else. They left a mess, too; I’m going to have to rinse one of the masks out before I wear it, although I think I’ll probably launder it too.

Also in the mail: Silicon Valley season 5. Aaaand that’s where the rest of my day went. I have been saying for years that don’t have the attention span for a TV binge anymore, but I had it in me for this. Pretty good season. And oh my goodness, Amanda Crew.

I got texts from Sharon who sent a photo of a jigsaw puzzle she’s working on. Forgot to respond until just now. She sent it while I was still in bed this morning. Also from San Diego AJ, responding to a question I asked a couple of days ago. JB sent me a photo of his bottle of Suntori Toki, saying how good it is. I agree; it’s insipid but tasty and very drinkable. I’ve got a bottle of my own. Sylvia sent me photos of her latest loaf of bread. Beer bread. It looks pretty dang good. My uncle sent me an IG photo of some positive advice, which was nice. F5 girl sent me a video of her favorite band. It was all very nice and not very challenging, perfect for a day like today.

Not the most productive day. I’ll make up for it Sunday. For sure! Taking care of the PC that’s been taking up space on my desk for centuries was good for me; it felt good and it did good for my living space. I need more of that for Sunday.

I’m going to make my second attempt at sourdough Sunday too. I don’t have a lot of experience with blue cheese and I’m a little nervous about the lovely wedge I have in the fridge. A decent loaf of bread and that ginger-peach jelly I brought back from Boston will take care of most of it; I’ll use whatever’s left for some pasta Monday or Tuesday.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re up to, if you need a little bit of connection, I hope you’ll reach out. I’m easy to reach if not always quick to respond. 🙂

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