Lockdown: Up too late. Again.

I did sorta work all day on the Hawaii Stories project, if you count six in the evening as the beginning of my day and five in the morning as the end. I worked slowly at first, mostly because I tried to do it with Season Three of Orange is the New Black on the TV. When I finally forced myself to shut it off, I was super productive, sending edit suggestions back to more than half the writers.

It was all super, super inefficient, even for me, but whatever. I sorta enjoyed the mellow, relaxed pace of the day, although I could honestly have done without the ultra vampire hours here.

I still have some to do. I guess I’ll aspire to good, productive focus Sunday, and be okay if it’s a repeat of today.

I skipped the walk so I could focus on the work. I feel okay — I went beyond the daily goal three days in a row, and I was a little sore this morning. I’ll get back to it Sunday evening.

Could have used a little more connectivity today, ‘though I admit I also kind of reveled in the day’s solitude. That’s actually preeeetty close to my usual Saturday disposition, so maybe things are getting close to normal for me. After a week of work at the office, I typically need Saturday to decompress alone, and I often get resentful of anything taking it away. I think I’ll need to make an extra effort to connect Sunday.

After Friday’s long text conversation with Ali, we were pretty quiet today. She just reacted to the last message I sent Friday night, which was my advice she get the Amazon Kindle Oasis. She’s caving.

Ryan and I traded a few texts related to the Hawaii Stories thing. I also traded texts with Jennifer and Susannah, related to the same project.

I forwarded a Yahoo! news article about “pancake cereal,” a new quarantine cooking fad. Sent it via text to Crush Girl and Sylvia. Crush Girl, who follows a few IG cooking accounts, said she’d already seen the trend on IG.

Breakfast was a couple of hot dogs. I know it’s a lousy breakfast, but it makes me so happy I have to make excuses to do it once in a while. At least there’s sauerkraut on it, so that’s sorta healthy. Right?

Lunch was leftover turkey chili and (fresh) hapa rice. I have one more serving of the chili and look forward to finishing it up Sunday. Dinner was a combination of the leftover sourdough waffles and some tortilla chips and fresh salsa. I also snacked on some lemon creme sandwich cookies from 7-Eleven. A friend shared a photo of them a couple of weeks ago, and although I’m not a cookie guy and I’m not really a lemon cookie guy, I was intrigued. She said the 7-Eleven-branded cookies were surprisingly very good, perhaps the best of their supermarket kind. I have to say they were pretty good.

Geez. It’s nearly six in the morning and I’m in the middle of a ridiculous exchange with Ali about the stupid Oasis. I’m going to bed.

Not all connections can be positive, but I still appreciate the connection. If you need someone to reach out to, reach out to me. It’ll probably be a lot better for my heart than the conversation I’m dealing with now. Time for bed!

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