Lockdown: Not a bad week

Okay I have to make this a fast one. It’s nearly six in the morning and I haven’t been to bed yet. Need to get sleep before I show up at my desk at around noon.

I slept in. I lazed. I goofed around. I called my folks. I worked a little on Hawaii Stories. I actually did some work-work. I did two of the three Monster tasks, setting a decent goal and then surpassing it. It was productive, but it was also looooooong because I got off to such a late start and basically peed away the entire daylight hours portion of the day.

I skipped the walk so I could be productive. I think it was a good call.

Breakfast was a couple of hot dogs. Lunch was potatoes and broccolini. A lot of both. I overdid it. Dinner was leftover Thai food with some leftover brown rice. Delicious. It wasn’t a lot of leftovers, so I also had a hot dog. Or two. I snacked on carrot cake Oreos. Three of them. They’re pretty good, but I can’t speak to how much they taste like carrot cake because I’ve only had carrot cake once that I can think of, and I don’t remember it at all. These cookies are supposedly flavored like carrot cake, and the creme filling is flavored like cream cheese frosting. I like the idea.

I watched The Sound of Music a fifth and sixth time, mostly while I was working at the computer. I think I’m done with this movie for a while. Time to move on to Orange is the New Black.

AJ in San Diego asked in a text if I’d be willing to read something she’s written. I said of course. We talked a little about writing book reviews. Sylvia texted to ask if I ever do work on weekends since these work-from-home days. I said yes, and I planned to do some Monday. We lamented our lazy proclivities, although I was still lying in bed as we did it, and she had gotten herself into her car and was headed to the park for a workout.

That’s pretty much it. I’m exhausted. But I feel good, because between some of the work I produced for my job, the edits I did on Hawaii Stories, the housecleaning I did whenever that was, and a good bit into the Monster (that enormous, disgusting, unpleasant task that’s taking me months to finish), I feel like I’ve done good stuff this week, even if the price was sleep and steps.

I also put off doing my laundry. Requested Wednesday morning off so I can hit the all-night laundromat in the wee hours. I’m looking forward to it.

I’m still asking you to reach out if you’re having difficulty connecting. I think nerves are getting frazzled, people are impatient, and decisions are rash this week. Images on the news are discouraging. People are turning masks into political statements. It’s a bit much to soak in. Let’s connect and text each other through it.

And all God’s people said amen.

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