Lockdown: There’s an apple for that

Not a super-productive Sunday, but I didn’t spend it all in bed either, so I’ll take it as a win.

Breakfast, as I already wrote, was overnight oats. Lunch was the rest of that rainbow-tofu soup with leftover hapa rice. Dinner was the beef choy sum with leftover hapa rice. I thought I might be able to stretch it into one and a half meals, but while it was heating in the microwave oven, I ate the half cold out of the takeout container. It was yummy.

I didn’t snack on anything until just now. Finally gave the mug apple crisp a second try, and it’s much better. The crisp topping part doesn’t really crisp up, but you wouldn’t expect it to. I’m thinking of finishing it in the toaster oven next time. Still, it’s tasty as heck without the crispiness.

Besides not messing up the ingredient measurements, I also used a honeycrisp apple instead of a green apple. Everyone says to use green apples for their tartness to balance out the sweetness of the other pie ingredients, and I’ve seen some TV chefs use half green and half something else, but I think I’m declaring myself done with green apples in apple pie. The honeycrisps just taste so much better.

The other thing I did differently is not slice the apple too thin. Last time, I sliced it very thin, and the slices kind of melded into a gummy lump. This time they were a little thicker, and there’s a really good combination of chewy mushiness with a little bit of bite. Much better.

I did in fact tackle the monster Sunday. The stupid thing has three tasks, and I did the two difficult tasks, leaving the easy one for Monday evening. That will only take ten minutes or so. It felt good, even though I’ve got a crap ton more to do.

One tiny mountain of disgusting work at a time. Wins the race. Or something.

I also hit the supermarket with a much shorter list than the last couple of weeks. This time I may have shopped with fast meals in mind. Stuff that still involves some amount of cooking but not really. Dorm stuff I guess. Like, I bought sandwich bread. And Englsh muffins.

Also two honeycrisp apples. Because, you know.

Almost no connection Sunday. Julie texted me to ask what I’m reading, and we had a short conversation about that, and about some freelance work I might be able to steer her way. Oh, there were several chats in FB messenger. Cathy, to say she missed having coffee and talking about stuff. We traded some thoughts on you-know-who. Bethanie sent me a photo sent by Desi, a funny sign she saw in Waimanalo. And then Ross’s wife messaged me to talk about the Hawaii Stories project. We chatted about her writing, and about how we both wished we’d gotten MFAs. She went for the library degree. I went for the education degree.


Okay time for bed.

Here’s to a productive Monday and good spirits all around. Let’s connect if you’re not getting enough connection.

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