Lockdown: Sleepless again

Well heck. I was all set to go to sleep at around 5:30 and only managed barely an hour of sleep before getting to my desk at 9:30. Insane. I just couldn’t sleep.

So I got up and just got to work. Made progress on my self-evaluation, then worked on some teaser copy before the Zoom meeting. Didn’t really finish anything to turn in, but I knew that would happen, and I planned my day this way. As soon as I post this, I’m going to do yet another final-final-final edit on the proposal I thought was done yesterday. I don’t mind, of course, but I wasn’t expecting more edits this time.

Breakfast was a bowl of Honey Oat Special K. Man, those flakes are big and crunchy. Lunch was some leftover pot roast with carrots, potatoes, hapa rice, and gravy. I didn’t remember I had some steamed kale in the fridge until it was too late. Dinner was a tuna sandwich on toasted multigrain.

I didn’t have dinner until after a fast Costco run (to get a Fathers Day gift for my dad), so before I went I had a few tortilla chips with fresh salsa. Oh, and sometime during the sleeplessness early Thursday, I got up and had a toasted cheese sandwich with marinara sauce. I thought eating would make me sleepy but it did not. It just kinda made me hungrier, but I resisted.

I skipped the walk because my knee was driving me crazy again. There’s going to be surgery; I can just tell. I’d be fine with it if my car weren’t a stick-shift. Bleah.

I listened to podcasts a little, and I listened to music a lot. Katatonia’s The Fall of Hearts to see if I still thought it was almost a masterpiece. I do. Also the Gentle Storm’s The Diary, an Arjen Anthony Lucassen project with Anneke van Giersbergen. The concept is amazing. I didn’t listen attentively since I had it on during work (and during driving), so I can’t say if the result is as cool as the concept, but I’ll give it a good listen over the weekend. I also gave Opeth’s Pale Communion two spins. Trying to fill in the spaces in my Opeth knowledge, and the spaces are vast. Good album though. Possibly great. I’m listening to it right now, in fact.

Although I can’t really afford it, this lockdown has strengthened my resolve to attend a music festival somewhere on the continent when things get back to normal, if they ever get back to normal and if the musicians and festivals somehow survive to continue what they do.

AJ in SD texted me a few times early about her latest book review, which I am going to look at between posting this and finishing edits on that proposal. I texted my sister to check up on her. Haven’t heard back yet. Crush Girl and I talked about some computer issues she’s having, and she sent me a photo of a really nice lunch she made. Sylvia texted to talk about how she’s buying too many books for her Kindle, which I totally feel. I doubt I’ll ever be able to read everything in it now, yet I keep adding to it. Insane.

More conversation via email about Hawaii Stories. That’s about it.

It’s creeping on on 2, which is still a little early for me, but I’m running on very little sleep, so let’s get this posted.

Don’t forget I’m here if you need some lockdown connectivity. Just reach out. Please.

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