Five things I can’t live without

My writing partner sent me this journaling prompt, which I began two months ago and finished last week. Submitted here for your amusement, but also because I’ve been a bit boring lately.

Five Things I Can’t Live Without

Diet Pepsi

I love soda.  It’s an indulgence I absolutely do not need, but we never drank it in my family while I was growing up, and I only got it at parties or if we dined out.  When I was teen, a cold cup of Coke or root beer from the school snack bar was a physical daily pleasure but also a small act of independence, a decision I made for myself outside my upbringing.

As a grownup, I still see soda as a treat, and in lean weeks it’s one of the last things I cut from my spending.  If I can afford a bottle of Diet Pepsi once every few days, I must not be that destitute.  It makes me feel good. And I love the way it burns its way down my throat first thing in the morning.


I’m not the only writer who sometimes blocks out the distractions of the world in order to find the zone.  I’m also sure I’m not alone in being unable to rely on any one type of music or any specific artist as a conduit to the zone.  Yet there’s one album I can almost always rely on when other artists fail me: ABBA Gold.  It’s so effective that I only use it when I absolutely need it.

The New York Times crossword puzzle

My daily exercise in making order from chaos.  I’m taking forever to create a bucket list because I take it very seriously, but competing in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament in Connecticut is one of the few things definitely on it.  I don’t even care if I suck: I just want to be there.

My Keychron K2 mechanical keyboard

I didn’t understand the pleasures of a mechanical keyboard until I spent $90 on the most-funded Kickstarter keyboard ever, and it’s changed everything.  I type more quickly, more accurately, and with more pleasure.  I’m excited about someday trying other models, but for now this compact Bluetooth design is wonderful, and it’s spoiled me for typing.  Also: look at all the pretty lights!


Librarians are hot.

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