Lockdown: Hibernation

If montony is an illness, Friday may have been the cure, because I pretty much didn’t do anything all day, a day I took just to withdraw from everything with no consequences since it was a holiday.

I got to bed early, like around 2:00. Then got up kind of early, but then I had breakfast and did a few little things and went back to bed. And most of the rest of my day was alternating between a couple of hours at my desk and a couple of hours in bed, mostly staring at my phone until I dozed off.

It didn’t feel like escapist behavior, at least not in the emotionally numbing way I’ve written about recently. It felt more like convalescing. The nice thing is that the world went on without me but I didn’t miss anything. Slow news day (except for the continually rising numbers, of course, and that misguided speech at Mount Rushmore, which I followed on my phone from my bed between naps). No work day. No sports. No social gatherings to make excuses for missing.

Downside: I didn’t get to sleep Friday night until frighteningly close to eight in the morning Saturday! Holy freaking cow.

It’s 3:30 in the afternoon Saturday now and I mostly feel okay. I’m actually optimistic I’ll be fine to get to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight, too.

One productive thing I did Friday was go through my pantry to assess its status for feeding me now and in case there’s a hurricane. I haven’t thought about it much, but on each of my grocery store trips these past few months, I’ve picked up a few things just in case. Over time, they’ve added up to a decent store of hurricane-ready goods. I can’t believe how much pasta and pasta sauce I’ve accumulated, but also canned pork and beans (which I love), canned black beans, canned kidney beans, canned chili, canned corn, and instant ramen. I definitely have more than the recommended fourteen days’ worth of food, assuming we still have running water.

I also got 30 minutes from the end of my third or fourth viewing of the final season of Silicon Valley, which isn’t quite as good for repeat viewings as the first two seasons. I’ll finish the re-watch today and then put the DVD away for a bit.

I don’t know why, but I also spent a couple of hours going through W3’s HTML tutorial. Just to brush up. The standards change, and I wanted to see if there’s anything I’m using that’s no longer standard. I looked at a little bit of Javascript too. I’ve got a few ideas gestating for that, ‘though I don’t have quite the coding chops to just open up Notepad and whip it out.

Breakfast was hot dogs. With sauerkraut, mustard, and ketchup — almost the last of the Best Foods ketchup I’m so fond of. I took a little taste of the organic ketchup I have lined up to take its place and was pretty impressed, just the way it tasted on the tip of my finger. A lot more vinegary than I’m used to (a good thing), not as brown sugary as Heinz or Best Foods. It kind of tastes like Hunt’s with more vinegar. Promising.

I burned so few calories that I wasn’t hungry again until past 9:00 in the evening, when I had yet another meal of Portuguese sausage Spam, fried eggs, and my chicken-kale-broccoli rice. I’ve been giving the rice a little sesame oil drizzle lately, so even more fat-laden than it sounds.

Somewhere in the middle I did scarf three peanut butter Oreos, not all at once, but single cookies here and there.

The only texts Friday were a few with Crush Girl. We talked a little about the new Hamilton. Very late, I sent F5 girl an IM on FB about her blog, which seems to be misbehaving with comment moderation. That was it. Not by design, but my near radio silence was probably good for me too.

I didn’t go for a walk again, but boy did I make great plans to.

Saturday, which is more than half gone, is a much better day for reaching out if you need a little connectivity. Here I am.

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