Lockdown: The boba was a blob and so am I

Thursday was surreal. We all woke up to a different company. You could feel it, even though we’re all working far apart from each other. Texts simply asked, “How are you doing?” And it wasn’t smalltalk. It was how are you doing after Bloody Wednesday?

The answer most of the time: not good. My usual reply was, “About as you’d expect.”

I’m not proud of the way I’ve dealt with it, a combination of gluttony, sloth, and bleary-eyed crossword puzzles.

Thursday I had the laundry all to myself the entire time. It was nice. I stopped at the beach on the way home. There were leaves and seed pods in the water, not enough to freak me out and chase me from the ocean, but noticeably more than you see on a typical day. We’ve had some rain. Leaves at this beach are not a good sign.

I still went a bit harder and a little longer than I planned. It felt good, and I’m not showing any signs of illness, so I think the gamble paid off.

For breakfast, I stopped at Pancakes and Waffles. It’s not even my favorite breakfast spot in town; it’s just really conveniently located on my way home. I had an omelet, the house special, which I won’t describe because it’s pretty indulgent. I got the side of white rice (instead of toast, home fries, or fried rice), and then an extra side of home fries. I did say something about gluttony, right?

I didn’t touch the home fries until lunch, though. So that was lunch. A more than sensible, reasonable lunch.

For dinner, I made the instant ramen thing again, with a whole block of tofu, half a bag of bean sprouts, and a head of baby bok choi. I could tell the tofu didn’t have much time left, so I consumed the whole thing. It was a lot of food, but I’ll take some comfort in knowing the bulk of it was veggie or veggie-like.

There were a small number of peanut butter Oreos for a snack. Three? Four? Around there.

I went to the local stripmall for some boba around 8:30 and it freaked me out. There were as many people there, some apparently just hanging out, as on a typical summer evening. I was super stressed the whole time. To add disapointment to stress, the boba itself was super mushy. My first boba in a month, too. Bleah.

There was almost as much texting and IMing for work as the day before. We’re all processing. I don’t think there was any personal messaging for me — just work stuff. It seemed fitting.

I should have been in bed early, but I wasted hours looking up regional potato chip companies and seeing if anyone would ship to Hawaii for a reasonable price. Don’t ask me why. I stopped myself after couple of hours but before I was satisfied.

I also watched three episodes of Orange is the New Black, season four. Some incredible, intense acting. Also some really good laugh-aloud moments. The despicable main character is broken. She understands (again) how lousy a person she is. I’m still annoyed at her idiotic behavior, but I’m opening up a little for her. There were a few moments of grace.

I don’t have much else to say. It was a crappy day and I think all things considered, I got through it mostly unscathed.

Connect. Reach out. Leave me a note here and we’ll work something out. The end.

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