Lockdown: Kalimotxo kalimotxo kalimotxo

Saturday. Man it felt good.

I did go to sleep at around 9:30 Friday night. The first two hours were that drooling, unintentional sleep, without the Darth Vader mask. The next three and a half were the peaceful, proper sleep of a normal human being with a hose coming out of his face and air being pushed in by a machine. Then the next couple of hours were a weird mix of rest and unrest. Peaceful unrest but still not really sleep.

I typed up yesterday’s journal then around eight, I went to the supermarket.

I’d never heard of a kalimotxo until I saw someone drinking one on IG. Read a few articles in the NY Times and a few other cool food-and-drink publications and I was sold. So yeah. 8:00 in the morning at the supermarket for cheap wine and Hawaii-made cola. The kind sweetened with cane sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup.

It’s basically cheap red wine and cola in equal amounts. On ice. It sounds gross but it’s terrific. Like everything a sangria or spritzer wants to be but isn’t. That cola flavor makes such a difference.

Before heading home, I stopped at a breakfast spot in the hood. Not Pancakes and Waffles, but Egghead Cafe. I picked up a veggie omelette (they have two on the menu) and some peanut butter French toast, which was basically a peanut butter sandwich dipped in French toast batter and fried. It was rather delicious. The omelette was amazing. Fried tofu, shiitake mushrooms, onion, garlic, spinach, Swiss cheese, miso, and a sweet sesame sauce. I thought the shiitake-Swiss combination was going to make the meal, but it was the fried tofu, which was kind of stiff and chewy, almost like a shiitake before it’s all the way rehydrated. Gave the whole thing a great, meaty feeling.

That was breakfast and lunch. I pretty much sipped on kalimotxos from lunch time to right now (it’s just past six in the morning), which isn’t as bad as it sounds. I didn’t finish the whole bottle of the $6 cab and only got through two cans of the cola.

For dinner, I drove to Liliha Bakery and ordered two entrees. I had the meatloaf for dinner. I’ll have the beef stew Sunday for either breakfast or lunch.

Two days in a row of takeout for all three meals. I’m not disgusted with myself yet, but I’ll get there sometimes Sunday for sure.

Gluttony, sloth. Sloth, gluttony.

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I haven’t done any reading since the lockdown began. I made myself do it today, though. Finished the graphic novel I posted a review of a few hours ago. Probably the highlight of my day, besides just having a break from all the work sadness.

All day I had my power metal playlist spinning in the background. Edenbridge. Kamelot. Two bands I think would make my own top 25 albums list for the genre. Others I’d kind of forgotten about, like Edguy and MasterPlan.

Lots of texting Saturday. I responded to Jennifer’s sourdough text and she said she’d like to hear how anything comes out if I give something from the article a try. Crush Girl and I talked about her plans for the weekend. Actually, we conversed about some good stuff, like the breakfast places I’ve been trying lately in my hood. And a couple of restaurants she asked me about because she might check one out soon.

Penny heard about Bloody Wednesday from one of her friends who’s married to one of the guys who didn’t make it. Ugh. She wanted to know if I was still employed. There was some talk in the engineering firm group text about a possible Zoom to watch one of the kids have a birthday cake. I remained silent on that one.

The best was Ali. She was very talkative, and we shared some stuff we almost never got to talk about while we worked together. It was therapeutic. We talked books, too. I was really worried distance was going to separate our friendship, and I’m still a little worried about that, but so far it’s pretty good. Not like seeing each other every day good, but better than I might have hoped. I think I need her more than she needs me, so I’ve been a little sensitive about this.

I didn’t go for a walk. I ate like a madman and drank kalimotxos and read a graphic novel and watched a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black and made a small chores list for Sunday. I’m expecting to do more of the same Sunday, except for adding the chores, possibly to include the Monster. And I have a shiraz instead of a cab.

So, lots of time for texting and DMing if you need it. Hit me up.

Time for bed. God bless us and make us good boys and girls. Amen.

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