Lockdown: They didn’t even say her name

Thursday night I got myself to bed at around 2:00. A small triumph. I had considered staying up until 4:30, when the Costco gasoline station opens, to fill my tank first ahead of the hurricane, but decided that was silly, even though staying up until 4:30 is practically a way of life for me nowadays. It’s practically a tenet. The prospect of 7ish hours of sleep before work was too sweet.

There is a gas station right at the bottom of my hill, without Costco prices but without Costco lines. And it’s not even a five-minute drive.

But I woke up at around 4:45 anyway, against my better wishes, and thought what the heck. I put on some clothes and jumped into Jessica.

The Costco line was a bit longer than usual at five in the morning, but not by much, so there was almost no wait. I stopped at the nearby gas station on my way up the hill and filled my tires, something I’ve neglected to take care of since before Mother’s Day.

I managed to get a little bit of sleep before work, but I was groggy as heck, and my vision was blurry most of the day. Not my best day. I worked on my contributions to the staff newsletter and played around with a story I’m working on, but didn’t make a lot of progress.

Breakfast was a bowl of instant ramen with a mountain of bean sprouts. Warm salty, fatty, and soothing. Lunch was cold pizza. I had cold pizza for a snack, too. Then made a pot of penne with jarred sauce (I added red wine and red pepper flakes) for dinner. Not quite plague of locusts consumption, but I was still something of an eating machine.

Just before bed, I watched the last episode of the fourth season of Orange is the New Black. Heavy, heavy stuff with a few moments of comic relief. I think I read that while season three was in production, the show was extended a few more seasons, so while the writers worked on season four, they knew they already had at least season five ahead of them. This may have contributed to season four ending on a foreboding note, rather than the uplifting, tears-of-joy ending the first three seasons gave us.

“They didn’t even say her name!” screams one inmate when the warden does his news conference following the death of a favorite character. It feels like I’m watching a show about today.

I’m eager to get to season five. I usually re-watch a season at least once (usually more than once) before I move to the next, but I may not have the patience. The last two episodes have commentaries, so I’m definitely going to watch them with the commentaries first. Then I’ll decide.

Didn’t go for a walk. Ugh.

Ali and I texted a lot about her Kindle situation. It was a highlight. I like talking about books and book-related stuff with friends. Crush Girl and I texted a bit about the hurricane and our plans for the weekend. I think that was it.

Not a memorable day but thankfully a Friday. I need this weekend, with or without a hurricane. Preferably without.

If you’re in need of connection, hit me up in the comments. We can text through this together. Tell me what you’re reading or something. 🙂

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