Lockdown: Goodpie to love

I’m a little late writing about Saturday even though I clicked “new post” hours ago. It’s that kind of whatever weekend.

I got up around 8:00. Someone’s Friday 5 answers this week mentioned mango pie, and it reminded me that Hawaiian Pie Company is in my hood and I’ve never been there. So Friday night I ordered a pie online with a 10:00 pickup time Saturday morning.

I already had half a Zippy’s custard pie in my fridge. I’m not sure what I was thinking except that I like pie. So before I took off, I ate a slice of custard pie. Then drove to the bakery to get my order: a POG pie (passion fruit, orange, and guava puree baked in a pear pie). Ummmm and a mini cherry crumble pie.

Then I went through the BK drive-through and got a double sausage Croissanwich and a single sausage Croissanwich with hashbrown bites. Yeah. It was intentional, premeditated gluttony. So breakfast part two was the BK stuff. The two pies went into the fridge, atop the existing custard pie. Sometime around what might have been lunchtime, I ate the mini pie.

All this while reading the news, doing the crosswords, and watching the first four episodes of Halt and Catch Fire, which I got on DVD from Netflix.

I stuck around for the first printout with the election counts. I was right — both my candidates in the major city elections (mayor and prosecutor) finished outside the running for the general election runoff. I’m kind of pissed, because my second choices didn’t even make it, which means I’m going to have to decide between candidates I don’t care for at all.

I have a feeling in both races, I’ll be voting against the one candidate rather than in favor of the other.

I went for a walk to drop some bottles and cans at the bus stop, to atone for my culinary sins, and to forget about the elections. It was about 9,000 steps and the second half of it was kind of a slog. I didn’t enjoy the walk back at all. I got home and saw that the next printout didn’t change anything, as it seldom does.

I kind of fell unconscious until about two, when I got up hungry. So I made another steak. It hadn’t eaten since lunchtime. This was not as good a cut as the ribeye, but better than the cheap cuts I usually get, and it came out great. Maybe I’m better at preparing steak than I thought. Ate it with leftover white rice I stirred into the pan after I took the steak out. There were a lot of leftovers.

Sometime Saturday, a news report said a dancer at a well-known gentleman’s club was diagnosed with COVID-19, which struck me as funny even though it’s not really funny. Just the idea that a bunch of the clientele would have to get tested, and possibly family members too, tickled me. I sent a screen shot of the announcement to a few people via text.

This led to a long conversation with Ali about these establishments, kind of a nice talk but a bit on the heavy side. I don’t mind heavy at all. Heaviness in a text conversation is a little unusual sometimes.

Crush Girl texted me from the line at the place she mentioned the other day. Boy, she does not mess around when she gets it in her head to try a new spot. I got a little bit of a play-by-play as she waited to order. She got what she came for and gave me a little review. Nice. It was a good conversation.

It wasn’t much of a day. Lots of food and lots of vegging in front of the TV, interspersed with one unenjoyable walk and some decent conversations.

Which you can be part of if you’re not finding enough connectivity in this worsening pandemic. Just reach out. My texting fingers are ready.

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