Lockdown: Icebox, icebox, baby

Monday was a bit rough. After the crappy sleep I documented yesterday, I wasn’t exactly dragging but I was generally unhappy with myself and the world.

However, I submitted work and made progress on a few other things, and productivity always helps with one’s mood. I got a few new assignments to figure out, too. A nice challenge, although the background on one of them is a bit extensive.

In the late afternoon, I had to run to the pharmacy at Kaiser. It was stressful as heck. I requested some prescription refills by mail, but there was a problem with my flex insurance card, and I didn’t figure it out until it was too late to wait for it. Argh.

On the way back, I stopped at L&L for absolutely no good reason. I was hungry, but I have a fridge full of food. I think I just wanted to be out for a little while longer or something. I picked up a couple of things to consume over the next day or so, since I wasn’t exactly thinking of a meal — just hunger.

I was also in desperate need of at least a short nap, so once I wrapped things up at work (I had to work a little later, thanks for the pharmacy errand) I went comatose for 90 minutes or so. Woke up to do the supermarket run I’d been putting off.

I didn’t buy much, but I bought more than I wanted. I had to replace a bunch of stuff I keep in my fridge, which is dying. It’s probably still okay, but I already roll the dice on too many questionable foods; I didn’t think I should do it on a whole fridge’s worth of staples. It hurt to toss it, but thank God (and I did) I have the means to do it. And the temporary dorm fridge in my laundry room to hold me over until I get rid of this ancient battleship in my kitchen.

Yes, the stupid appliance I tried to repair was my fridge. The dorm fridge is not a solution; however, it has really alleviated some stress. I’m in the slow process of removing everything from the old fridge so I can unplug it, clean it out, and get ready for trashing it. It’s going to take a while mostly because I’m just not emotionally prepared for dealing with it all at once.

So mostly I bought Diet Pepsi, stuff for chili, and a few fridge staples: condiments and stuff like that. Also some Ben & Jerry’s, some fresh veggies. I need to build up my hurricane supply too, so I picked up some instant ramen. My something different this time was a six-pack of hard seltzer, which doesn’t further my goal of staying out of cooking ruts, but the store was closing and I needed to grab something.

I have to talk a little about not attacking the Monster’s remnants but I’ll do that for Tuesday’s entry. I spent the time making chili, and then I went to bed early-ish for me, crashing at about 3:30 for a 9:30 alarm. Small steps: I’ll go to bed earlier Tuesday night even if I have to skip something else.

Breakfast was a slice of the POG pie. It was pretty dang good. I would suggest it’s not quite poggy enough, ‘though it’s a good, dense, fruity pie with a nice crust. Lunch was a BBQ cheeseburger from L&L and half a loco moco. Note to self: an L&L BBQ cheeseburger is plenty filling enough. I didn’t know. I’d never had one before. Taking a lesson, however, I had for dinner the other L&L BBQ cheeseburger I picked up, right before I made an enormous pot of chili which I’m saving for Tuesday.

I may have munched on a few Lay’s NY Pizza chips while I prepared the chili for the Instant Pot. Few enough to finish the bag, anyway.

My media consumption was just podcasts, the news, and music. I hit the “radio” button on White Zombie’s “More Human than Human” and left it there pretty much all day. Since I’m rested enough and sorta caught up on work, I’ll probably watch something Tuesday evening. Maybe Orange is the New Black or one of the movies I have waiting for me.

I traded some work-related texts with Laura, who was helping me with the story I finished Monday. Sylvia wanted to know more about the NY Pizza chips, so we texted about that a little. Crush Girl wasn’t having a good day after not a very good weekend, so I tried to be encouraging, but sometimes a weekend and its following Monday are just crap, and there’s nothing to be done about it except listen, if the person feels like talking.

I hope if you’re reading this and you need someone to (virtually) talk to about your crappy weekend, you’ll reach out here. I just received a meeting invitation for mid-December — a Zoom meeting at work. This means my employer doesn’t expect us all back in the office before year’s end, which means this long haul we’re in is going to be longer. I’m not daunted. Reach out because we’re all going to need each other. Dammit.

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