Lockdown: Thrashing about for some theme music

Thursday work was busy if not the kind of productive I’d have preferred. There was a bit of proofreading and editing for the staff newsletter. It’s kind of a big deal, and putting it together is one of my favorite parts of the job. Otherwise, it was a lot of finishing touches on stories I’ve psycically moved on from.

Strangely, I got started on laundry an hour later than usual. I usually set the alarm for 2:00 or 2:15 in the morning, then get to the laundry between 3:00 and 3:15, but for some reason I set the alarm for an hour later, throwing everything off and making a beach stop impossible. I didn’t finish my laundry until around 6:00, which is far too late to hope for parking at Kewalo.

So I stopped at Safeway for just a couple of things, including some tomato sauce and tomato paste. For pizza sauce. Didn’t stop anywhere for breakfast since I wasn’t getting any swimming, and just went to bed for an hour before work.

After work, I got ready for bed early after a few chores and then fell asleep without putting myself properly to bed. Argh. I was waiting for some ice to freeze so I could fill my thermos, and of course I lost it and just dropped off. I woke up around 1:00 in the morning and finished things up before getting back to bed. It took me pretty long to get back to sleep.

The nice thing about my work tasks Thursday: they enabled me to listen fairly attentively to some music. I went through twenty songs or so, looking for music for the podcast. I took notes, jotting down stuff that interested me about each song, and what each song might be used for. I was sort of pleased with the candidates in the “metal” genre on the service I’m looking at, but when I switched to “thrash metal,” the very first song made me say aloud, “That’s what I’m looking for.”

It was a productive project, but I left it hanging at that first thrash song. Now I had a great place to start sometime this weekend, for a second search.

Not many texts Thursday. Crush Girl sent me a photo of her dinner, asking me if I could guess where she got takeout from. I got it on the first guess. She was impressed. It’s a spot where Grace and Penny and I often stop to pick up food on our way to Reid’s house. Then I told her a little bit about my dinner.

Wow. That looks like it.

Breakfast may have been a slice of pie. Lunch was some English muffin pizzas with my own pizza sauce. Much better. I cut the tomato sauce in half for this, and it came out pretty great. For dinner, I had one more slab of meat in the fridge I had to cook before it turned. When I was at the supermarket last weekend, I splurged on a ribeye. I almost never spend that kind of money on steak, but my experience has been so good lately, I went for it.

Delicious. Seriously. Probably could have cut it with the edge of my fork. I ate it with the leftover veggies from Wednesday afternoon (oyster mushrooms, tofu, baby bok choi, bean sprouts). A great dinner and I hardly noticed the absence of rice or potatoes.

If you need someone to trade some conversation with, leave a comment and I’ll send you my contact info. Hawaii’s numbers keep going up and they’re going to get worse. It’s going to be a long time getting through this, so reach out if you need to connect.

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