Lockdown: Beaching on Sunday

Sunday was good. I got up at about 3:30 and got to Kewalo right at 4:00, where ten cars were already lined up to get into the still-gated parking lot. A security truck drove in at around 4:15 and let us in.

Parking in this lot is a dollar an hour, so I put four hours on my card, thinking I might want to linger a while.

I wasn’t going to do a repeat of the 10,000 steps I did Tuesday morning, but I thought walking to Starbucks for a latte was reasonable. But I forgot this Starbucks opens half an hour later on Sundays, at 5:00, so I wandered around the parking lot for half an hour, and then for another twenty minutes because that’s how long it took the staff to realize they’d forgotten to unlock the door, despite one man standing right in front of the door nearly the whole time.

Frustrating, especially when my phone informed me at shortly after 5:00 that my latte was ready.

It wasn’t cold by the time I got it, but I didn’t have a lot of time to savor it. Annoying.

By the time I got back to my car, I’d taken close to 10,000 steps again.

The water took away most of the frustration my morning inconveniences brought on, and I swam a bit further than usual. It was a good, strenuous time, and the water was delicious. There were more swimmers than Tuesday, some of them coming ridiculously close to me. Even one standup paddleboarder came super super close to me as if practicing tight turns around a buoy. I gave a sarcastic, “Good morning” as I stopped in my own wake to let him go by.

I took a little longer in the beach shower than usual, since nobody was waiting behind me, and got out of the parking lot with forty-five minutes left on my ticket. Ah well. You can’t by partial hours, so whatever.

I got a very few groceries at Foodland Ala Moana, then breakfast at Makiki Zippy’s, and went to the office for a few hours. Updated sofware and did some housekeeping, basically emptying my snack drawer since it doesn’t look like we’re going back to the office regularly until after the new year. I even brought back the can of apple cider, the mini bottle of Patron tequila, and the shot glass I keep in my desk just in case.

Took a very short nap. Watched the news. Then attacked the beast. I got a decent amount done for a couple hours’ work. I’ll do a little more Monday before bed.

Breakfast (Zippy’s) was a surf pac (deluxe). It was too much food, but my body burned most of it as soon as it went in. Lunch was some English muffin pizzas. I had a slice of lemon chess pie somewhere in between. I didn’t have dinner, unless the pie was lunch and the pizzas were dinner.

Not much messaging. Ali and I traded some photos. Julia texted to say she wasn’t going to make the Hawaii Stories deadline.

I got to bed a little later than planned, but still before 11:00, I think.

Hit me up in the comments if you’d like my contact info for a little bit of SMS connectivity. I’ll do DMs and IMs too. Here’s to a sane week and beginning of (eek) September.

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