Lockdown: Vampire, rise

I slept roughly. I guess I got enough, hours-wise, but it took ten hours or so to get there. I guess I’ve been rested enough lately that it didn’t really have an impact, and I didn’t feel the need for a mid-day nap. Still, I was more than ready for bed by the time I retired at 8:00 in the evening.

I had three meetings. One via phone and two via Zoom. A bit of a strain, but the meetings weren’t bad. Worked on a little more website copy. Set up a couple of phone interviews. Prepared for phone interviews. At least the work wasn’t taxing, with all those meetings to deal with.

It was an actual twelve-hour day, since I got out of bed at 8:00 and was back in bed at 8:00. Didn’t leave room for messing around. I did a few chores and prepped for laundry, and that was about it.

Breakfast was leftover angel hair. Delicious. I had a very late lunch of a couple of burritos because I was worried about the freshness of the filling. Used it all up and will make some more Thursday evening, I think. Dinner, which I am consuming now at the laundry, is a Big Mac combo.

When I got here, someone was in my spot. This is the first time it’s happened in these five months, although there is a woman who comes in after me sometimes who I can tell wants my spot. I was forced to work at the other end of the room, and it’s actually better. I’m not near the machine that reloads your card (this is one of those laundries where you put money on a card, then use the card to pay for services), so people don’t have to walk behind me. I’m on a smaller counter spact, but it’s large enough and it’s kind of private. There’s also an electrical outlet right at counter level, so I may bring my charger next time and see if it works.

However, when I loaded the dryer, I simply moved my clothes from the nearest washer to the nearest dryer, not noticing until after I got it going that it was one of the larger dryers and therefore more money to operate. My load looks kind of silly in that cavernous tumbler, but ah well. Next time I’ll pay better attention.

I texted the other Jennifer to mention that I’d forgotten Jane Weidlin and Clarence Clemons were in Bill and Ted 1. She watches the movie every few years and said she didn’t realize Clarence was even in it. Crush Girl texted me just before I went to bed with a photo of her dinner. We chatted a little about the spot where she went, and I asked her if she ever buys two plates, to save one for later, which is what I’ve been doing for the past three months or so. Didn’t hear back, but it was just as well because I would have been asleep if she’d responded.

The transformation from being a vampire hasn’t been as difficult as I expected. While I yearn for long walks at three in the morning and the quiet solitude of writing in the silent darkness, I’m up early enough most of the time to beat the sunrise by an hour or two. If the tradeoff is for three or four mornings a week in the ocean, I’ll take it without too much regret. Everything feels better when I have that time, and it carries over to the next day, so I only really need it every other day. I just wish I could count on parking — that’s the major stress, besides getting to bed early enough.

The Waterboys and the Avett Brothers put out new albums last week and I still haven’t gotten to them. I did check out new albums by John Petrucci (excellent), the Atomic Bitchwax (very good), and Pain of Salvation (excellent), so it’s still been a good week for music so far. And Fates Warning announced a new album for November 6, and there’s a new Stryper album Friday! I’ve already heard one song and it’s quite good. I’m really looking forward to that one — I may not listen to anything else all weekend if it’s good.

If you want someone to connect with in these dark, dismal, depressing days, you know what to do.

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