Lockdown: Two-week extension

Got out of bed early after not quite enough (and not very good) sleep. I hate myself.

Heated up the leftover stuffed eggplant and ate it while I prepped for a 10:00 phone interview with a donor. Around 9:15 I splashed some sauce from breakfast (not an oyster sauce, but something like it) onto my keyboard. Great.

I pulled the keycaps without my keycaps tool — that’s still at the office, where until March I did most of my keyboarding. Quickly did a YouTube search and learned how to pop the caps using a credit card. Worked pretty well.

I napkined the sauce pretty well. Ran a wet napkin over exposed areas to get the residue, and a dry napkin to get the water. There’s sauce visible inside the S and X switches, but I tested all the exposed switches before replacing the keycaps and everything is working okay.

Washed and dried the keycaps. Put them back. Ten minutes to spare before my interview. That was enough time, thanks to my good prepping last week. Just not what I had in mind for easing into the week.

Had a couple of Zoom meetings; they were fine, if a bit lengthy. Worked on some acknowledgement letters I didn’t quite finish.

At six, I participated in a fantasy football draft. I’m putting one of my online fantasy sources to the test this year in a handful of money leagues. This is my third money league and I have one or two more. Very small stakes.

I did some chores, the prepped the laundry and water refill. Got to bed by nine, which was ninety minutes later than intended. Dang it.

The stupid water vending machine was out of order again. So I just hit the drive-through for dinner (Quarter-pounder meal from McD’s) and came to the laundry. I’ve had the place to myself until just now when the lady who I know likes my old spot came in. I have fewer than ten minutes left on the dryer, so the small overlap is okay with me.

Lunch was my yet-unnamed noodle soup with veggies I planned to explain in this space today but time’s running out, so I’ll explain next time. It was good, though, and a little throwback to when I was between jobs and making the most of my paltry resources.

Got a text from Juli (a former boss), who had a commas question. We chatted a while. Her daughter just graduated HBA and started school at Santa Clara. I helped her a little with her essay, which is one reason Juli shares updates like this with me. Suzanne texted to ask what I’m reading. Sylvia texted after I was already in bed to share a link to a potato chip reviewing blog. Interesting but possibly dangerous. She’s also a little worried about something in the Philippines with her family, so I tried to be a little encouraging.

They mayor extended the stay-home order, but parks are opening up for solo recreational use. Perfect for me, since parking is my only real issue. I’ll miss having the water nearly to myself, though. Most early morning swimmers go solo anyway, so the population in the water should be about the same as normal, at the hour when I go.

Dryer’s about done, so I’m running. Reach out in comments if you want to connect.

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