Lockdown: Sunsoaked

I took a vacation day Monday. I had a fraction of a day to burn before the end of September, so I just took the whole day. I slept in after another night of terrible sleep, took care of a few work emails, then headed for the beach. I haven’t been in the ocean during mid-day hours for a long time, possibly not since the company picnic in April 2019.

Picked up a Zippy’s Surf Pac on the way, and got a decent parking stall on the Kewalo end. I sorta did my usual swim, but the water was really moving, making it pretty tiring. I did the usual distance, a lot more slowly, then floated around for a while, enjoying my freedom.

There were a lot of people lying on the beach by themselves, per the mayor’s orders. Looked like people really tried to keep their distance, which hasn’t been my experience with the early morning swimmers.

Sat in my beach chair in the shade in the park, by the pond on the Kewalo end, for lunch and podcasts. It was really nice too.

I ached all over for the rest of the day, and if I weren’t too local to sunburn, a casual observer might say I looked a little pink.

I watched an episode of Halt and Catch Fire, read the news, did the crossword, played stupid games on my phone, and emptied out a large plastic tub in my decluttering effort. The Beast made me very hot and sweaty, but I also wheeled a full trash bin to the curb and opened up a little bit of space near my desk.

Crush Girl and I chatted most of the evening via G-chat. Jennifer sent me an otter update; I sent her a photo of a Christmas card she sent me maybe eight years ago, by her estimation, unearthed in my decluttering.

I skipped breakfast and the Surf Pac was enormous, so I kind of skipped dinner too. Finished off my potato salad, so I’ll count that as dinner. No snacking.

That’s it. A day of rest well taken. Hit me up in comments if you need someone to connect with. I’ll send contact info and we can text the night away. Or something.

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