Lockdown: That song is my jam. My lady jam.

Lockdown Sundays have been pretty productive, over all, since they began. When the NFL season kicked off four weeks ago, I continued to be productive, but it took a lot of work, not to mention hours in the office a bit later than I’d like on Sundays.

So I took care of the office stuff Saturday morning. Went to the beach early, snagged the second-best parking stall, watched the daylight show up — it wasn’t as lovely as Friday morning but it didn’t suck. It was my fourth morning in five days at the beach. I got a pretty good swim, with an early hard sprint and then kind of a cruise. There weren’t nearly as many people in the water Saturday as the day before, thank God.

I got curbside takeout at Zippy’s (a breakfast bento) and headed for the office. I hoped to have the space all to myself, but our HR director came in right after me. Her office is far away from mine, so there was really no threat, and we kept to our own spaces. Still, I was a little nervous and it distracted me.

I didn’t get enough of the hard work done, taking care of a few little tasks, including some administrative paperwork and silly things like putting my new parking sticker in my windshield and restocking the office snack trough.

In near-desperate need of a nap, I got home and went right to bed. I seriously didn’t care if I didn’t get up until Sunday morning, but it was more like 3:00 Saturday, a good two hours or so.

After a few tiny chores, I goofed off on my phone, read the news, listened to music, watched Pitch Perfect, and prepped for dinner.

When I went to the grocery store two weekends ago, I did a little bit of meal planning for a change. I made that Instant Pot beef stroganoff, which started great before I ruined it with my failed slurry. I made the map tofu, which was terrific if slightly tiresome as leftovers. Last night was the third thing I prepared for the first time: Instant Pot Spanish rice.

I made it twice, because I misread the recipe the first time, using three tablespoons of spices where it called fo three teaspoons. They say anyone who can read can cook, and I suppose the inverse is also true (not the converse! Stop misusing the word converse!). I still had all the ingredients out so I just tried again. It came out really good. I was pleased. I scooped some of my lazy burrito filling onto the plate and made it beans and rice for a late dinner.

There wasn’t much texting Saturday. Crush Girl a couple of times, mostly to send a photo of my Spanish rice. Ali a couple of times to return to some earlier topics (books and depression). Sylvia to talk about exercise and Spanish rice.

I’ve a feeling I won’t be nearly as productive Sunday as I hope, but whatever. I made it possible, and I’ll take it as a first step. Hoping to hit the grocery store too, as the cupboard is boring.

Leave me a comment if you’re looking for someone to connect with in these dismal days of disease. I’ll send you contact info.

Happy Sunday.

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